I am getting really tired of seeing my best and most wonderful friends getting treated like shit by some idiot guy. Or girl.

Posted on 09.01.2012


If it weren’t for the amazing friends and love that I have, I would have lost all faith in humanity a long time ago. I’ve been treated like shit and been in emotionally abusive relationships, have had people make me feel bad for not being what they wanted, etc. We all have to go through these things, but it has made me increasingly angry this year because of our age. My friends are in their 30’s now, and I kind of feel like this shit shouldn’t still be happening. This is the stuff of our raucous 20’s, not our excellent 30’s.

Then again, ALL of the show Sex and the City is set in the women’s 30th and 40th years… so, maybe it’s all just par for the course.

These are the things that have happened in the past week to make me angry with idiots:

My best friend took a guy back who seemed as if he’d changed and grown up, and things were ok until the 4-month mark. Asshole made date plans with her for their 5-month celebration and then canceled on her, deciding instead to stay home and watch football with friends. WTF???

A guy that I was ‘good friends’ with in high school propositioned both me and my friend (also from same HS crew) 3 days apart. This was the last for me in a long chain of asshole moves and I cut off contact (it’s actually quite a long story). He then goes on to proposition our OTHER friend, also from the same crew, a few years later. Dude, QUIT MINING THE PAST FOR POON AND EXPECTING THAT WE DON’T TALK TO EACH OTHER.

My other great friend’s ex-husband sends her alternating ‘I love you, come back to me’ and ‘you’re a whore, no one will ever believe you’ text messages EVERY DAY as they battle for custody of their son, while living with the girl he tried to force his ex-wife to sleep with, and then denies that he’s a sociopath with mental problems.

… And then there was that whole ‘vacation’ thing back in Nov/Dec. I’m still mad about that, just a little.

I really don’t understand WHAT THE FUCK is up with some people. How can they expect others to be so stupid, to just let these things slide? What kind of moron cancels an anniversary date with his girlfriend to stay home and watch TV? What kind of asshole uses high-school pick-up lines on 30-year old women and expects them to a)work and b)seem original? Who thinks they can treat women like this?

It kills me that these people have made it so far in their lives without being killed in action somewhere. The world would really be a better place without them.

With all of this in mind, I’d like to share an article that I might have shared earlier. I’m tired of my friends feeling like something is wrong, being told that they’re crazy, and then ending up being right. I’m tired of it. The article is for women, from a man, saying that we’re NOT crazy.

I know this, you know this, and so do my friends that went through the ridiculous situations mentioned above. But it’s nice to read it, and nice to know that there are SOME decent guys out there who are NOT willing to make a woman feel bad about being right, or being insecure about something.

I’ve got a TON of great male friends who are going to make some women or men really happy one day (or who already are), and I know that ‘sociopath’ isn’t the norm. It just seems to be, when so much happens in such a short period of time. Who raised these assholes, and where did they go wrong?