Reasons I love my job: apparently, performing can be sexual?

Posted on 07.01.2012


I took that WAY out of context, but I’m sure you don’t mind. This week I’ve been a reading MACHINE and have read a ton of interesting things that are NOT books, since I haven’t even gotten past my computer yet.

I follow this guy named Lance who has a blog called Honey and Lance, and he wrote a post a week or so ago about performing. I found it to be an interesting topic, so I kept reading.

Something he wrote towards the end kind of struck me, and it also put into words my issues with former jobs, and that’s why I’m sharing it tonight here.

He wrote:
“…I think this is why we need jobs that are risky, give us authority, and puts us in front of our peers. It’s better to have a job where you manage a team and you’re always on stage, versus ones where you sit back and go unnoticed.” 

I have to hand it to him, this has been my issue, exactly, for the past umpteen years. I had so much more fun being a waitress, barista and college counselor than I ever had as a graphic designer. What the fuck is up with that? GD is one of the things I went to school for, it’s written on my damn diploma.

One of the major issues with GD is the fact that 99% of the work you do (before you get famous and then can do whatever the fuck you want to do) is boring, unoriginal and credited to someone or something else. Most of the work I did in my GD jobs was just following brand standards that someone else made and making something new to look like everything else that came before it. Where is the fun in that? Who am I helping and how am I changing the world making Reebok’s internal retirement brochure look exactly like their previous retirement mailers?

What made most of it even more unbearable was the fact that it wasn’t even me that ever got the credit for a good job, it was my supervisors, who handed me the job and then said ‘ok’ when it was finished. In an office setting like that, it’s easy to feel like you’re just another cog in the machine, which is exactly what MOST STUDENTS OF ART AND DESIGN DON’T WANT TO BE.

We want to be out there, expressing ourselves and giving away our great ideas, and being heard and appreciated. This is a fundamental ‘millenial’ issue, the generation of which I am kind-of a part of (being born in ’81, no one seems to agree on where my people belong, I feel I identify more with Gen X than the Millenials, but I’d prefer to be called the Catalano or MTV generation, thank you). But I think my issue is also that of the creatives, who want to change the world but can only do what we’re good at doing.

Enter: teaching. I get to give out my ideas every day while sticking to the curriculum. I get to inspire people to be better, to work harder, to do better. I get paid to talk to people. I get paid to make people like and feel comfortable with me. What. An. Excellent. Job.

I’m a born helper, I want to help people whenever I can:

You don’t know what kind of jeans to buy? I’ll come shopping with you.

Don’t know where to get your photos printed online? I’ll help you.

Having trouble funding your college education? I HAD THE SAME ISSUE!!! Let me tell you how and where to find the free money!!!

Don’t know where that landmark is that you’re looking for? It’s cool, I’m a local.

Can’t figure out how to order a latte in German? I’m an English speaker, too, and I was once in your shoes. Please allow me to order that latte for you!

You don’t understand the difference between much and many? Please let me assist you, English is my first language! Nouns are excellent!!

So as I was saying, I really feel like Lance is onto something here, and I just wanted to say that, and why. I know it’s in my nature to be an artist and to be helpful. I know that’s not everyone’s nature.

I wonder: how do you feel about performing or helping others? Do you enjoy it or dread it? I know some people dread being in the spotlight. I kind of hate it sometimes, too. But most of the time, I am so happy to help that the light can’t possibly be bright enough.

Oh, someone just sent up the G-Signal. Time to go help someone…

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