I really felt like this one was worth remembering, following and sharing

Posted on 07.01.2012


(I really love that you can’t tell if these are male or female feet… hooray for androgyny!)

I read a really wonderful blog/post/entry… whatever you want to call it the other day, and I think it needs to be shared as a reminder that life is short, and we should be doing what we love every day.

A few friends of mine have said the same thing to me recently in regards to clothing: ‘I find something that I love, but then I think, ‘When the hell am I going to wear it”?’… to this I always reply, ‘make the party, or find it’. Because we should always love what we’re wearing.

And if you find that excellent black party dress at your favorite shop on sale for $20 after Xmas, BUY IT. Chances are, you probably won’t wear it for another five years, but then one of your best friends will have a small wedding in the woods and will want you to wear a black dress of your own choosing to be her maid of honor. And you will HAVE THAT DRESS and never even have worn it yet. That’s a true story, btw. That happened to me. And the best part of it is, that in between buying and wearing it (it really was almost five years), I lost, gained and then lost weight again, so it was the first time I COULD actually wear the dress.

What I’m saying is that we should do things that make us happy when they make us happy, and live our lives, rather than waiting for tomorrow or next week, or even next year. Our lives are far too short and uncertain to put anything worth doing off.

And with that, I give you WHITE HOT TRUTH’s post, which I’d like to share with my lovely readers:) Carpe Diem, bitches.

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