Ten Things I Won’t Do in 2012, from Snoring Dog Studio

Posted on 04.01.2012


I agree with a lot of the things the writer wrote, but this is above all the best thing I’ve read so far today and I think I’ll not only share it, I’ll ALSO make this goal for 2012. I won’t leave the TV on if it’s her show, I won’t read about her when she pops up, and I’ll skip over theSuperficial dot com making fun of her, even.

I think we could all benefit from NOT reading or thinking about idiots trying to get our attention and/or sell us shit. That being said, I’m going to up the ante and ignore all Jersey Shore castmembers AND Lindsey Lohan, too. I’ll ignore the entire Lohan family, actually.



6. I Won’t Read a Single News Item About Kim Kardashian

She is dead to me. She occupied far too much of our national awareness in 2011, all of the attention utterly undeserved. A woman whose only claim to fame is rampant celebrity seeking behavior shouldn’t be allowed one pixel of recognition. Hilary Clinton got far less air time and she’s actually doing things other than exposing flesh and her stupidity.

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