Sorry, I lied. The new outfits are in this post:)

Posted on 02.01.2012


Yeah. I was too backed up for my own good. But now I’m posting the ‘new’ ones. Finally. By new, it’s twofold: some new items (tbdiscussed) and new as in the past two weeks.

Since Dec 23, I’ve taught one class. And I don’t have any to teach this week. Even next week is looking slim, with only three classes. I’m ok with this, but as I said earlier, it means that my outfits haven’t been happening with the blazing rapidity of November or October.

But these last two (three if you count the one from last week) should hold us all over, I think, until my classes are back in swing, right? Hope so!

This dress is a new purchase from a store I hit during the vacation. I got two that night and wore the other one on NYE. I took no photos, though, so I’ll just have to remake that outfit later:)

I’ve always been a fan of stripes, but I’m not sure that the feeling is mutual. More to the point, I’m not sure that stripes will ever be flattering as long as my ass remains my ass.

So I took the plunge and bought the dress, and then kind of chickened out and wore the grey top in a layer over it. I don’t think it was UNsuccessful, but I think I might need to toughen up my vag and really rock this thing. I honestly think I’ll feel much more confident in the dress after I’ve toned up a bit. My hips have been a bit wider than usual these past two months, and I’m working to get back into running-shape. I’ve got a few more months of winter and spring to rock this properly, although this wasn’t a bad prelude.

I welcome suggestions, btw:) I also welcome you telling me that I’m stupid and that this looks fine.


Let’s talk for a moment about my new favorite color to wear. I’ve been all about electric blue since I re-watched the first sex and the city movie. Or it might have been the last S&tc season, I can’t remember. All I remember is watching one part of it and thinking that in no less than 15 minutes, every female lead on the show had managed to rock that color. And I thought, if Carrie and Charlotte can rock it, then so can I. Hell, even Miranda had it on in one badass outdoor scene.

Thankfully, the color appears to have been in season for a hot minute before Christmas, when I accidentally hit a sale at my favorite store in town, Dreist, while looking for long-sleeved shirts to wear with my vests and sleeveless things (tbshown below). I came out with not one, but TWO excellent blue tops. This is the sweater I picked up. It actually also works buttoned, but I wanted to do a print/pattern mix, so I left it open and paired it with this H+M tank from 2 years ago. I think the mix worked out well.

Also pictured above is one of my new favorite scarves, picked up on sale from ONLY a few days before Xmas as well. The Germans don’t do black Friday and shit is closed the day after Xmas, but they’re good about sales the week before and after. I have wrecked shop the last two weeks in the bargains department.

And here’s the other excellent blue top, which of course ALSO works well with the scarf… but look how great it works with my red jacket, too!! Can we say, ‘bold’?

There’s a major issue that I’ve noticed here in the winter. I noticed it first when I went on the hunt for bright pink shoes back in the fall, and have been noticing it ever since: the winter season is not, apparently, a time for bright colors over here. So if you want to be bold, you need to bring that colorful shit with you from America (which I did) or buy it in bigger cities (which I also did).

Everything in the stores until maybe yesterday was all kinds of grey, neutral darks and boring. Oh, the weather’s cloudy? Guess I should match it. EFF THAT! I want to be a ray of effing sunshine in this weather, so I am dressing accordingly!

The jacket is Victoria’s Secret circa 2007/2008, the skirt is Express, last year. The shoes had to be bought in America on Ebay and shipped overseas by a friend. Because even these are too fun to be sold in my city.


And here’s one of the long-sleeve shirts that I ALSO picked up on sale at Dreist, and look how great it works with the vest. It’s actually long enough to be worn over just some tights, but I like the scrunched-up look that I get with long tees. I also like how it covers my hips and the pockets on my jeans. I hate when my pockets show.

I know this outfit is kind of boring, but I was actually just excited to wear the long sleeve shirt, and also to wear this AMAZING scarf/pashmina that René brought me back as an anniversary present from the middle east.

He chooses colors so well, wait till you see the other one. He wasn’t even here when I decided to go apeshit over blue, he’s just psychic when it comes to the things I’m after:)

Oh, also featured in this photo is one of the many jersey-fabric braided bracelets that I made as an experiment after spending way too much time on Pintrest. It turned out really well. It used to be a pair of house pants.


This photo is here for one reason only.

Can you guess, by looking at it, why I posted it?

Well, it’s one reason and to show the other.

First, these are the new jeans that I found in Germany (first successful pair, win!). They’re flares. They were a requirement.


Because of those running shoes. THE SHOES!!!

If you’re walking all over a city for a weekend, the last thing you want is THOSE shoes making your feet look huge at the bottom of a pair of skinny jeans. Or for your feet and legs, and back to kill you after walking around in NON-orthopedic shoes.

Seriosuly, can you imagine that? Because I kind of refuse to.

Instead, these excellent flares were purchased and the shoes were properly dressed.


Last but not least, here are some bathroom vanity shots of me and my dirty-ass hair.

Can you guess how many days it’s been since I washed it in BOTH of these photos?



I love to see if I can get to day five, but I never quite make it. So day 4 is usually the day when my hair looks the best. Right before I wash it, when it hasn’t been brushed since I blow-dried it the last time.

On the left, there’s a ‘scarf’ that I made out of an old t-shirt. Thanks, random pintrest DIY tutorials!


That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed my experiments!! ❤

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