More outfits, possibly even some new ones!

Posted on 02.01.2012


It’s been hard to take photos and post them the past few weeks. Why? because I’m on vacation, and vacation means, effectively, that Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit. I try to save my ‘outfits’ for work, and when I barely leave the house except to go running on vacation, there aren’t a lot of outfit shots to photograph, you know?

Also, in a more long-term way of speaking, my way of uploading photos to my laptop until last week was borderline despicable. For some reason, the cable that should hook my babyNi to the computer doesn’t function properly with a macintosh, so I had to go through this grueling practice (I kid) of taking the memory card out of the babyNi, loading it into the D80, hooking the D80 up to the computer, uploading the photos, then unplugging and replacing the memory cards. Not a huge issue, just totally annoying since the D80 takes up some serious space on my desk, which is already cluttered.

 That all changed last week, when I spent 1-Euro as a gift to myself and bought this little card reader from Amazon dot de. Did you know, btw, that even if you use a different Amazon (such as UK or DE) that you can still use all of your original dot com information and it’s all the same? Things I learned last year.

Anyway, this thing has made my life much easier in regards to getting photos off the babyNi.

Also, something that I think that will be helpful in the future (but I haven’t used it yet) is this awesome thing:

This is a Gorillapod, and it’s a very small portable tripod with bendable legs that works just about anywhere. Mine is double the awesome, because mine has magnetic legs. So it can stick to handles, metal doors and railways.

This is excellent becuase it fits in my purse, and on those winter mornings where I can’t take a photo because there’s not daylight when I leave the house, now the gorillapod can help me to take photos of my outfits in between classes, in hallways and bathrooms across Germany.


And it only cost like 20-Euros, and since it holds both my and René’s cameras, it’s a ‘family investment’. #winning

SO, for the outfits that I didn’t post last time:

These are tights.

I’m posting these because I don’t think they show up so well in photos of my outfits from far away, esp in the mornings when the light’s not amazing.

I’ve been on a patterned tights kick since coming back from Japan, and I still feel like I’m being fairly conservative in this realm. I tend to choose what I feel are more conservative patterns, definitely in conservative colors (as opposed to pop-out, attention-getting ones), that add just a little extra to my outfits. I like to use these as my added ‘pattern’ sometimes when mixing patterns and prints. They’re low-key and never really seem to argue with even the boldest prints I wear. So I thought they should get a close-up, since they’re in about half of the photos you see during the winter months:)

I was so excited when I found this skirt at the thrift shop! I should have guessed by its price (25-Euros) that it was real leather, but I had it in my head that since pleather was really popular (and way overpriced, for being fake) that it was pleather and priced accordingly for being on-trend this season. I was wrong. So now I own a real leather skirt, and all I can say to that is that I’m glad I bought it used and didn’t actually support the people who made it originally.

Moving away from how I feel about wearing real animal skin as opposed to wonderful, easier-to-care-for pleather, I’d like to say that this outfit works, but that the skirt only fits me when I’m at my heaviest. It’s already a little too big for me, again, but I guess that’s good since I really can’t wear it in the summer!

I was super excited to find these tights at the tights/socks shop a few months ago, and I feel like they’re working really well here with the awesome animal print top that my bestie Kristi got me for xmas last year from Express! She dresses me better than I dress myself sometimes 🙂

I think this outfit was a raging success.

This outfit was an experiment with differing lengths of tops. I love the top that’s underneath the jacket, but it’s hard to layer with some things, as you can see here. My other issue with the top (which is Express, last winter) is that the banded waist sits high on my natural one and often looks silly unless I rock a belt with it. So there’s a belt here that you can just barely make out. Overall, I feel like this was a success. I was actually more concerned that day with my hair: I’d just bought a few new hair clips and wanted to try them out.So I made a low side bun and put one in the empty space on the other side of it. Sadly, none of the photos of the clip look that amazing, so I won’t be sharing until later. But they’re all flowers, fyi:) I love wearing flowers in my hair. Esp when they don’t wilt and die. This is also why I prefer a fake plastic Xmas tree, or none at all.

This outfit didn’t photograph so well outside, so I had to go inside and use the flash. I really hate using a flash under just about all circumstances, and I also hate having to stand in front of my closet. It looks so chaotic, but I promise that it isn’t.

I needed the flash here because I felt like the colors and pattern of the vest really needed to be seen, because I feel like I need some feedback on this outfit: does it work? I kind of feel like it does, but I’d love to get some opinions from my readers. I think the pattern and the print go well together and make for an interesting combination, but I might just be used to my clothes and unable to see past the inconsistencies. So, opinions, please? And stop laughing at my closet.  Aren’t those pink shoes hot? I love them.

This was a straight-hair day.

Here again, I’m mixing patterns and prints. The jacket is a dark, dusty blue with herringbone, and the top (which you’ve seen on multiple occasions) is a dark red flower/sunburst print. I paired them with my dusty blue pencil skirt.

I kind of think they rock together, even if it IS a little too much blue, which has become one of my renewed favorites to wear. I actually QUIT wearing blue in college, because I felt like it was all I wore. We’ve reconciled. This is one of my ‘Test day’ or ‘scary teacher’ looks. Because apparently, being well-dressed and younger-than-you is a good way to intimidate your students.

And now back to your regularly-scheduled badassery… This is a more ‘normal’ or ‘typical’ teaching outfit. It’s easy, it’s flexible, and I can wear my comfy ‘walking all over the city’ boots, which you might have noticed by now that I rock a lot.

This sweater-dress is Express, circa 2008 or 09, I can’t remember. I have to say: not much beats a great sweater dress in the winter months. Seriously, they are excellent and comfortable and just SO easy. I also love that they are flexible in the sizes department: whether you gain or lose, the dress stretches to handle it. I do appreciate a good knit.

I’d also like to note that I appreciate the pleather jacket: it’s the perfect layering piece for me, since I tend to overheat really quickly… I can just take it off and put it on, and it’s easy.

Those are the outfits for today. The next batch will be the post-shopping batch, including a new favorite color and some amazing scarves:) Happy new year!

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