Important, LIFE ALTERING decisions…

Posted on 02.01.2012


That was sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell.

I just wanted to alert my lovely readers to the fact that I have decided to make a 2012: books page as well, since it is a good place to collect all of them for one easy read-through.

I’ve also decided, however, that I will post the little reviews that I write of said books on the main page, since that seems to be something that people want to read about. I don’t know if people weren’t even looking at the 2011: books page last year or not, but I got a lot more responses about the books when I posted them to the main page. So I’m going to do both. That’s how I roll: overkill.

So if you DO happen to read the books page, then you’ll notice that there is a NEW page where the 2011 one used to be. Fear not, 2011 is under it now:) I didn’t want to have two years on the same page, since 2011 was long enough:)

Happy reading!

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