I have to post THESE outfits before I can post the NEW outfits…

Posted on 23.12.2011


I’ve been super lax on the outfits, and it’s not that I haven’t been taking photos. I have been, or I was, and now I am again, but I was on vacation for a few weeks and wasn’t exactly dressing to impress: I was dressing for comfort and ‘to work with these insane running shoes that I’m wearing’.

Have I showed you guys my new running shoes yet? No? Please. Let me show them to you.

THESE are the shoes I was wearing for two weeks of walking around German cities. They are my new running shoes, made especially for people with totally flat feet like yours truly. There were three options in the running shop in regards to shoes when I went in November (these were my birthday present, awesome!): over-correcting arch support, which would force me to walk and run like someone who actually HAS arches in their feet. Kind of a good idea, but not good for my legs in the long run, since I’m not always going to be wearing these.

Then there was middle-correction arch support, which was a smaller amount of corrective support in the shoe. It still felt awkward to run, my legs felt wrong.

Finally there was the ‘someone is still sleeping in my bed’ option, the zero correction, ‘your feet are flat and that’s totally cool with us’ pair, which is the pair you see in the photo. While we were in the store and I was trying the shoes on (and running around outside in them to test them), it occurred to me that there is no such thing as a good-looking pair of running shoes. Seriously, there isn’t. It also came to my mind that I should buy these and totally rock them for being as completely obnoxious as they are. They’re by K-Swiss, by the way.

So of course, they’re the pair I got. And they’re the pair that I found most comfortable to walk for an average of 6 hours per day on concrete and cobblestone in. They definitely don’t go with skinny jeans, so my first order of business was to FINALLY hunt down a pair of flared dark jeans that would at least lessen the effect of the purple demons on my feet. I found them after a day of really searching, but I don’t have any photos of them yet. I’ll make sure to do that this week.

The outfits I’m showing below are from BEFORE my vacation, when it wasn’t actually feeling like winter. It’s definitely winter now, so the tone of the clothing in my next post will definitely be warm-related as opposed to ‘getting the summer and fall looks out of my system before the cold sets in’, which is what these guys feel like.

This outfit was obviously taken sometime in October or early November, when it still definitely felt like summer weather, albeit a bit chillier.

I picked this dress up in Brussels when I was there earlier in the month. I’d packed a bunch of warmer clothes for that trip (to photograph a baptism) and had grossly underestimated the weather. It was warm and I was totally overdressed. I went shopping post-haste in the shopping district and found this in a store that was definitely a chain, and french-themed. Thankfully they were having a sale and I got the dress for about 20-Euros. WINNING!!! I really love this dress and am sad that I got it at the end of the season. It’s going to get a TON of wear as soon as the warmer weather hits again. It’s kind of the perfect pull-on dress! I really love the shape of it and the ruffled, folded detailing on the two bottom parts. Super adorable.


I’d really been trying to get a lot of wear out of this dress before the colder months came, too.

I’m not sure how well the dark-patterned tights worked here, and think I should try a nude pair of tights with a dark line pattern instead. Things I’ll get to eventually…

I don’t think the outfit was a total failure, I just think it was missing something, although I’m not exactly sure what that something could be, aside from maybe more flesh tones to go with the lightness of the dress. I’m not feeling the dark tights. And maybe a different pair of shoes. We’ll see. Maybe some flats next time.


If there is one thing I am confident of, it is my body’s ability to rock a pencil skirt. Seriously, these things are like the base of my wardrobe. I am not sure that I could survive without at least two in my closet.

Here I was mixing prints and patterns. The sheer red shirt has a very tiny floral pattern to it, and I thought it went really, really well against the herringbone print of this skirt. What do you think?

René chose the shoes for me, because I was having trouble deciding on which pair to wear. They’re definitely not what I would have chosen, but I think that they actually work really well. Much better than I expected them to as I was putting them on. I love that about him. He knows exactly what I like, but when I ask for his opinion, I always get something that I wouldn’t have thought to do myself.

The top is from S. Oliver and the skirt is from Express (last winter).


I was SO fricking excited about this outfit, and I think I still am. I didn’t buy a Florence shirt when I saw her live last year because I didn’t like any of the designs. I’d ben watching the site for over a year when this shirt finally popped up, and on sale no less! I placed my order immediately, even though I had NO IDEA what I’d wear it with. Then I came across the purple skirt on clearance at H+M one day and it all started to come together. I’d just picked up the beige belt a few weeks prior. Excellent!

I love working band t-shirts into my work wear whenever possible, and I feel like this was another successful attempt to keep my outfits young and fun. The pleather jacket was perfect for the weather AND for the look and it went really well with my warm and cozy tights.

Not surprisingly, shortly after all of these outfit shots my booties needed to be re-heeled. I was definitely wearing them too much!!!


I don’t have anything against this outfit, because I think it works really, really well.

I just kind of think that I look like a flight attendant in it.

And I imagine I could fix that by not wearing the scarf/neck-kerchief next time.

But if I were to do that, the outfit would be lacking color.

So I welcome suggestions on how to make this better.

As you can see, the tights and the booties are getting a LOT of wear as the weather gets colder:)



I think that’s enough outfits for one post. I actually have enough to make another one, but I don’t want to overload anyone with photos of my outfits, since it’s so backlogged up in Rimpar right now:) Trust me, there is another post coming. It might come as soon as the weekend, it really depends on what I decide to wear the next two nights.

One thing is certain, though: we’ve passed the solstice, which means that in a few weeks I’ll be able to take photos of my outfits BEFORE I leave for work in actual daylight. Seriously, it sucks leaving the house when it’s still dark. My outfits never look as awesome by the time I get home, and as I’ve already mentioned, it SUCKS leaving the house when it’s dark out!!!

Have a great holiday, eat lots of excellent American holiday food for me:)


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