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Posted on 19.12.2011


In all of the ‘omg my vacation was teh suxor’ fury, I forgot to mention that I hit up the LAMB reunion concert at the beginning of it. And holy hell, it was everything I’d hoped for. Lou and Andy were great and amazing live, the lights were easy to shoot, and we had an insanely great location in front at stage left.

 If you’d like to see ALL of my shots from the concert, you can check them out HERE.

It was so incredibly amazing to see one of my favorite bands, who I was certain was NEVER going to get back together, live. A while back Lamb sent out an email to their email list (which, of course, I’m on) that they were trying to independently create a new album, and asked all of us to trust them enough to pre-order an album that they hadn’t even created yet in order to help them finance it without the help of a production company. As a thank you, they would send everyone who pre-ordered a numbered edition of the album, including a poster with all of the donors’ names on it. So of course I was ALL over that, and super excited that they were making a new album, because new albums mean TOURS.

So now I’ve got a poster from Lamb with my name on it, which is pretty kickass. I’d be happy to do that for ALL of my favorite bands, but of course it was Lamb who seemed to have the idea first (this is how you do it when you’re NOT Radiohead and don’t have unlimited piles of gold with which to conquer the world with/give albums out for free).

Considering I missed Portishead last year (they only did festivals and it was a hard sell on my manly half to do that two years in a row), there was absolutely NO chance in hell that I was going to miss Lamb. So when it turned out we’d have a visitor arriving that day, we just bought him a ticket. And we all went.

The show was amazing. I have a hard time understanding how or why the Germans can NOT be excited about bands like Lamb or even Stereo MC’s (who I’ll talk about next), but I am thankful that because of their lack of intensity for excellent bands, we got a GREAT spot on the floor with minimal issues in the ‘can’t see, people be too tall’ department. ‘Cause I’m short and the people here are larger than the average American.

While all of the songs were excellent, the two highlights of the night were definitely my favorite songs, Gabriel (which came near the beginning of the set) and Trans Fatty Acid, which was either an encore song OR one of the last set songs. TFA was an all out, loud as hell, extended jam session with bright pink and purple lighting. They rocked so hard that the bassist tore his bow to shreds. This is nothing less than what that song deserves.

The lighting was so intense that photos couldn’t really happen, but I did manage to snap one before falling back into a bliss-induced dancing freak-out.

During this track, it was evident that the speakers we were standing in front of definitely went to 11. Possibly even 12.

It was the loudest, most hardcore version of a song I’ve heard in a long time.

I tried really hard to NOT spend the entire concert taking photos, but I kind of did it anyway. I really wanted to soak the concert in and enjoy every second of it, but I definitely ALSO wanted to get some photos to immortalize the event. I’m glad the photos that I got turned out well, I’m glad I got a kickass t-shirt, I’m glad I got to go, and I’m really glad that my love was around and able to come with me. It was by far one of the better concerts I’ve been to, period.


Last night I hit the Stereo MC’s concert in Frankfurt, this time flying solo. I’d thought the concert was next weekend and had intended to get René and ticket as well, but since it ended up being this weekend, I just decided to just go it alone. I imagined, after all, that this would be a ‘dancing concert’ and not a ‘standing around’ concert.

What I mean by that is that there are just some bands that you kind of disrespect if you DON’T spend the whole concert dancing. Examples of this type of concert are bands like Faithless (who we certainly danced our asses off to), the Prodigy, and Underworld. Granted, I was SO EFFING EXCITED to see Underworld a few years ago that I spent a lot of time taking photos… but I’ve learned my lesson since then.

I tried to pack as lightly as possible for the show. I was trying to fit everything into my little wristlet, but it was just too small, and I figured I’d be buying a t-shirt anyway, so I ended up taking my purse and just wearing it cross-body style the whole night.

The Stereo MC’s don’t fuck around. This show was high-energy, bright lighting and LOUD. Sadly, the lighting was the bane of a photographer’s existence: red and blue. I managed to grab a few decent photos here and there, but I was more concerned with showing my love for a band who’s been a part of my life for 17 years through expressive dance:)

So, whatever to the lighting, since I wasn’t exactly on assignment to take photos. I got some good ones, but as I said, I was much more concerned with getting my dance on.

The show was great!!! It was a packed, loud, intensely lit hour+ of pure energy. Everyone was dancing and sweating and having a great time. I wish all concerts could be as much fun as this one was.

This may have been one of the first concerts I’ve hit in Germany where the people in the audience weren’t trying to get as close as physically possible to the stage, and instead gave each other a decent amount of space. This might have had a lot to do with the whole ‘dancing’ aspect, but it’s not something I saw at Southside. I know, Southside and festival concerts are their own beasts that bring out the asshole in everyone, but still. First experiences are first experiences.

I have no idea if the ladies that were with them on tour are the same ladies that sang on the album, but they were AWESOME. Smoking hot, dancing like crazy and it was obvious they were having fun too. There was a lot of laughing on-stage. It just made the atmosphere that much better.

I had a chat with the guy at the t-shirt stand before the show started as I was sipping my first of MANY overpriced Afri Cola beverages, and he informed me that the band (or just Rob) would be signing stuff after the show. How awesome is that? I love when the artists are down to earth.

The MCs are on tour to promote their new album, the Emporer’s Nightingale, so a lot of the concert was devoted to the new tracks. No problem there, since the new album is kick-ass. It might actually sound better live than it already sounds, but I have to give it a few more listens before I make my final verdict on that one.

They made sure to pull out the old school jams as well, so we got to hear Connected, Deep Down and Dirty (definitely one of my favorite tracks of theirs, period) and Creation. EXCELLENT!!!

Seriously, one of the better concerts I’ve been to. I love small venues and this one had at most 200 people last night. ‘Intimate’ might be a good word, there.

So at the end of the concert, I downed another Afri while waiting my turn to get my shirt signed (and I forgot to pee before leaving, OF COURSE) and then got in line.

When it was finally my turn (after being pushed around by men much larger and older than me), I told Rob that I’d waited 17 years to see the MCs live. He laughed and I think I got a quick ‘how old is this girl?’ look for the briefest of seconds, and then he said, ‘Well, was it worth it?’ to which I replied, ‘absolutely worth the wait’. Then I told him that the show was excellent, and that the new album is great, and he said thanks and gave me my things back, signed! I wished him a great rest of the tour and went home.

Listening to the MCs all the way. Awesome.


If you’d like to see ALL of my photos from the concert, you can click HERE.

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