The Mamiya c330: ‘next camera’ goal

Posted on 18.12.2011


 For a long time, I had it in my head that I wanted my next camera to be a Hasselblad. Those things are some badass cameras, even if they really funtion best when atop a tripod. You just can’t beat a Zeiss lens. There’s no question about that. All of my favorite photographers have worked with them, and I’m pretty sure that was the initial reason for thinking I needed one. To do as your role models do, use the same equipment, right?

But then I was in Münich last weekend, and walked by a used camera shop. Sure, there were one or two Hassels there, but the window was FULL of Mamiyas. I thought to myself then, ‘why did I ever exclude the Mamiya as a viable option’?

Sure, they don’t use a Zeiss lens, it’s a Sekor. In layman’s terms, this just boils down to the Sekor NOT being AS AMAZING as a Zeiss. The image quality from a Sekor isn’t AS like butter as the Zeiss. But considering the style of photography I enjoy and enjoy making, the Sekor would actually, in essence, be the better lens for me.

I’ve come to realize that a lot of my older opinions have changed over time, usually in regards to what I need or want NOW vs what I needed or wanted THEN. I’ve already got an amazing land camera that functions well on a tripod. I’ve already got an amazing tripod.

What I want (nay, NEED) now is an amazing camera that functions well without a tripod and is easy to transport. I don’t need the insane imaging quality of a Hassy anymore, my goals for photography and the work that I do have moved away from that completely.

I guess I also just kind of wrote the Mamiyas off because of the Twin-lens reflex, since the Hassys are single lens.

But in looking online, specifically at THIS POST, I’m suddenly convinced that the Mamiya is not only the better camera for ME, personally, but also insanely MORE affordable than the Hasselblad. The Hasselblad falls into ‘when I have an extra two grand laying around’ category (even when they are used), whereas a used Mamiya could run me 150-Euros if I picked the above listed one up today.

That’s not just a better camera, that’s fiscal maturity. Jebus, I hope that guy relists the camera. Only 4 hours to go for this listing.


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