October Challenges, how they’re going

Posted on 24.10.2011


The short answer is that they’re kind of not going at all.

The long answer is much longer, but I have technically gotten things done.

I am most certainly getting better at German and much more confident in speaking it, and that was a really big goal for this and next month. So, this goal IS happening, but it’s happening at the expense of my other goals.

I say that because of the amount of time the German lessons take out of my days and weeks. I’ve been borderline relapsing since starting the classes. It’s not because I’m physically working too hard, because I’m really not. It’s more because of the amount of mental stress that I’m under/putting on myself. I’m worn out physically and my hands have been feeling almost bad, to the point that I’m constantly mentally monitoring how my hands feel, since they’re usually the first to feel weird when I’m about to relapse. They’ve been borderline for the entire month.

Because of this, budo has been almost non-existent, as has my goal for ‘more fitness’. On the upside to not having the time or energy for more sports, though, I’ve taken on a somewhat smaller diet to make up for the lack of physical activity, so I’m keeping my weight in check. I’m also stuck with the car while René’s gone, which could make me lazier. I’m combatting that by choosing to park in the cheaper, further away parking spaces that require 20 minutes of walking whenever I can. So, that’s good, too.

I DID update my OS finally, and I feel like that’s a small but good goal that needed to be accomplished.

I’m also in the process of paying off a really obnoxious loan that my parents took out to send me to college. That won’t really do anything except save me a couple hundred dollars and a TON of stress (because collection agencies are assholes), but it’s really worth it to me to do it. Because I don’t need the stress!

I got the smaller design projects done: Lydia’s banner and the image fix for Kristi. I’m planning to finish the bigger design projects (Jim’s business cards and Deb’s greeting cards) this week, and I think I can knock both of them out with my current work schedule. I’ve got the bulk of the work done already, now I just need to do the fine-tuning.

I won’t touch the other two jobs (JNK Website and JNK Wü flyers) until next month, if I can even get to them then.

I’m also hoping to get through the rating of Simone’s images this week, so I can have them finished (read: edited and burned to a CD) by the first or second week of November. I’ve been putting that project off but I need to get to it already.

I got the information I needed in order to get a German driver’s license as well, but now I need to sign up with a driving school in order to take the tests. Thankfully, I only need to take the theory and practical tests and not driving lessons and school all over again. After doing a whole unit in German class on the driver’s license and tests, I’ve decided that it will be less stressful for me to just do the test in English. I think my idea of doing it in German was a noble one, but I don’t really have the time to do that and feel confident with it. The reason I don’t have the time is that I want to do it before the year ends, because I just found out that on Jan 1 2012, the test will get MUCH harder. So I need to NOT burden myself with that and just do this, ASAP!!

Overall, it hasn’t been a hugely successful month, but I’m happy to be making headway and I’m not too upset about having to push some goals back.

As it stands right now, some of the things that I had planned for November and December might have to be pushed back, due to a sheer lack of time. In November I’ll still have German lessons, and then as soon as they end, I’ve got a friend coming to visit for 2 weeks until mid-December. I really won’t have time to do much between those two things.

And that’s really ok. I’m not in a rush:)

If any of you are working on monthly goals, how are they coming along?

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