Last Week’s Outfits

Posted on 07.10.2011


I got some great ones this week as well, but they’ll come on Sunday, most likely. For now, I want to finish with the outfits I had lying around waiting. A few of these are ‘to-do’ list items, and I’ll discuss them as we get to them.

This one WASN’T a to-do list outfit, I’ve just been trying to get the most out of my skirts and dresses (ohne tights or leggings) while the weather is still good. Speaking of weather, that changed this week, most likely for the season. But I did well before that happened!!

This outfit started out kind of different, at first I was wearing my black ruffly blazer with it, and then I walked outside and realized it was just too warm to be rocking the black blazer over the black tank. I knew I’d end up wanting to remove the blazer, and the tank is a little too flimsy to be wearing alone while teaching.

So I pulled off the blazer and tossed on the vest. In the photo they look about the same, but the skirt is actually a dusty blue while the vest is a herringbone pinstriped grey. It was a good, slightly monotone outfit. I ended up being monotone a lot these last two weeks, but I don’t mind so much.

I got ANOTHER comment on this day about my awesome socks, which someone thought were part of the shoes. Uh, no. This is kind of hysterical, but I saw these socks on a mannequin in a window of a store that I NEVER shop in (it’s the German J Crew, but not as interesting, like that’s even possible) and thought that I HAD to find them. It took me a few months, but I ended up finding them right at the end of the season one day while Deb and I were wandering through the hosiery section of a store we rarely shop in. I just about went apeshit over finding them after so many months of searching, for only 3-Euros. WINNNNN!

I’ll definitely be rocking this one again. And maybe for the winter I can just toss a blazer over the vest and be done with it. We’ll see!

How cute is this outfit?? I love it. The cropped dusty blue fleece jacket (Victoria’s Secret, 2008) was on my to-do list. I don’t wear it very often, and wanted to try to incorporate it into my outfits to see if it was worth keeping.

The weather was kind of perfect for it, chilly in the morning and not too warm in the afternoon. It was a great piece for layering, because aside from the fact that it’s fleece, it works pretty well in the warmer weather.

I tossed it over a fully Express outfit and paired it with my new favorite pair of shoes (possibly only until next week, we’ll wait to see how the mail looks) and I think this outfit is a total winner.

The pants are Express, last season, sequined tank: Express, winter 2010, tank: Express (also featured in the above outfit), 2006 or 2007. It is the best layering tank EVER and I love the lacy edge. It peeks out from low-cut tops perfectly.

I love cropped tops because they show off my waist and hips (and the excellent difference between them, most days), but this crop top is from the seasons when really, really wide and baggy was in fashion. Because of that, it’s not quite up to date, but I think it looks great, and that’s the other reason it was in the ‘to-do’ pile… I wanted to prove to myself that it could still work. And it does:)

I’m also really happy with this outfit and how it turned out. This one was majorly fun to put together, as funny as that sounds.

The top was the ‘to-do’ item, although I was also concerned about the skirt. I’ve had this skirt since I was in college, at least 2002. I remember the first day I wore it to class, the guy I was into complimented my awesome outfit. At the time, the skirt was a bit longer and hadn’t yet been altered, and I was rocking it with a sleeveless, light blue sweater from the Limited (where the skirt came from, too). This was when I started dressing like a ‘professional’ in college, and not some grimy art student. I was, after all, in graphic design, and we never get dirty.

So I was having issues with the top because I LOVE the color, but I got this during that time when everything was being made longer, too long, in order to go over leggings when they first came back into style. So I was trying to work out how it would go with skirts. The solution was pretty simple, just tuck it in!

But tucking it in wasn’t enough (although I am happy to say that it doesn’t show under the skirt, as some tops do), because the outfit needed more color. I immediately thought it needed a big belt. I pulled out the belt I got from my favorite store Dreist on clearance (3-Euros!!) and WÜNDERBAR!!! it’s a great outfit. I really love the color combination, here, as it’s not one I go for often and I think it works really well against my skin.

So I’m keeping the shirt.

And as I’ve said before, nothing beats a great dress. Or skirt. I’ve had this skirt for almost 10 years and it’s still flattering, possibly even moreso now that I’m not some skinny little starving artist.

Top: NY&Co., 2008
Skirt: Limited, 2001
Belt: Dreist, last season

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