30-Day Challenges/Goals, October

Posted on 06.10.2011


Oh, hi there! Thanks for dropping by:)

Now that we’re here at the end of the first week of October, I think it’s time for me to post and discuss my 30-day goals for the month.

I’ve actually made/arranged my goals for the rest of the year, but I’m not going to post them all at once, I’d rather be able to edit them and move them around as needed.

This month and next month will be rough for getting things done, as I’m devoting most of my free time to my German 3 classes. After those, I should be above functional. Quite honestly, I know my weak points and am approaching/tackling them in the same ways that I handle the weaknesses I see in my students, so I’ve at least got that going for me.

Most of my goals for this month are art or design related, and I’m pretty excited about that.

In only a little bit of order, they are:

1. Greeting cards for my friend Deb.
We’ve been talking about these for a few months, and now she’s got a bit of a deadline. I’ve already done the research and have my source material. Now I just need to take the time to DO the work. I’ll be hand-drawing them (and with that, tracing some things) first, and then working into digital if the need arises. I am really excited to make these, as they’ll be my first venture into greeting cards. I hope she likes them!

2. Business cards for my friend Jim.
Jim contacted me one night a month or so ago, asking if I could help him with his idea for business cards. I really like his idea, and I love that since he won’t bother his wife with this (he’s a smart man), he’s coming to me, her good friend! I’m excited to do the cards and I think they’re going to look pretty badass.

3. Simone’s Baptism photos.
Simone is my coworker/client that sent me to Belgium last weekend for the baptism of her daughter, Mariella. The photos look great, but there are a TON of them. I think I’ll have to break this project down into a week-by-week job, since trying to do it all at once (there are over 600 photos, and I’ve already deleted the bad or blurry ones) might kill me. This will literally take me all month, I think, and sadly, I’m kind of glad René will be gone for most of the month. That means I can spend every waking hour not spent teaching or learning chained to the computer. Just one month, hopefully.

4. Sign up/make time for my Driver’s test and the required First Aid class.
I need to do these things in order to get my German driver’s license, which I needed like 1.5 years ago. So I’m hoping to knock the First Aid class out first, since that will be easier (I hope) than the driving test. In the meantime, I’ve downloaded a helpful German driving school app to my iPhone, so I can study the practice tests and learn the necessary vocabulary which I don’t already know. UGH.

This one should be easy, since I’m taking a German class right now. But I’m making this a specific goal in order to force myself to really devote as much time as I can outside of class to fixing my issues, which appear to be:
~ determining the difference between the nominativ and akkusativ cases
~ after that, figuring out the proper adjective declinations
~ growing my vocabulary
~ forming complex sentences

So I’m going to do as much studying outside of class as I can to make sure that I’m getting the most out of these classes.

As a note, this goal will also go through November, since that’s how long the class is.

6. Take my meds every day.
This should really be a no-brainer, but I’m having something of a scheduling conflict. By scheduling conflict, I mean that I try to take my meds every day, but I usually end up rushing, leaving the house, and thinking I’ll take the shot when I get home. Then I get home and am too lazy to stick myself. This is majorly no bueno, even though I can’t even see or feel a difference between when I do and don’t take my meds. I need to be a grown-up and force myself.

Deb suggested I do it at night when I brush my teeth. I guess that means I can also work on brushing my teeth before I go to bed, which I also majorly suck at right now. I’m kind of a dirty, lazy bunny when I’m tired. I also hardly EVER wash my hair, but you know this already.


Those are my concrete goals the October.

If I can get through all of the ABOVE design and photo work, I’d really like to get back to working on the JNK Honbu’s website redesign, and also on the JNK Würzburg’s new flyers and posters, which I have an idea for. But those are lower priority for me since no one is really asking for them. So they’ll come as rewards if I get the rest of this stuff done.


One consequence to getting loads of shit done last month was my health and fitness. I got really, really bad at making time for working out (or ‘myself’, we could also say). I’ve realized that I am majorly wiped after a full day of teaching AND learning, and that I might have to take it slow with Budo and fitness this month. I’m going to try to alter my diet accordingly, so I’m not taking in a fitness amount of food, without the fitness.

I’m sure part of this is the weather change, but I need to try to combat the absolute fatigue I’ve been experiencing at the end of the day. If that’s a diet change, we’ll see soon enough. I think I might need to somehow manage my time better, but I’m not really sure how I could possibly do more than I’m already doing. We’ll see if having the car for the next three weeks changes that. I really hope it does, and that my issue is just the amount of crap I’m currently lugging around.


That’s it for now. Are you going to try to do anything new for the next 30 days?