An outfits post before doing important things, like packing and homework.

Posted on 30.09.2011


I’ve been totally lax on the outfits posts. I HAVE been taking photos, but as you may have noticed, I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had any time to really pull the images off of my camera!

So I really want to post them now, before I run off to Belgium for the weekend. I didn’t realize how long I’d waited until I realized that I had a photo of the NIN t-shirt outfit (which wasn’t very impressive against the other ones, but ok on its own). WOW, forever ago!

This one got rocked during the cold front, which I think was something like two weeks ago. When I bought this dress, a summer number (the 10-Euro dress, last year), a friend of mine had said ‘you can just wear it over tights when winter comes!!’, and I thought that was excellent.

That’s what I was thinking of when I put this together: cold, but wanting to get a little more wear out of my dresses.

I pulled off the belt that came with it and subbed in this badass one that you see here, which was on sale for 5-E. WINNING.

This is a really basic outfit, but it worked SO well. And I really love that infinity scarf, even if it DOES look like it’s about to devour me. I enjoy the bib effect it’s having on the outfit and the colors pretty much rock.

Black leggings, EDC / Top, C+A / Scarf, Pieces

This outfit was along the same lines: I wanted to get a few more wears out of summer dresses.

I rocked this dress at Jeanan’s wedding last month, and I really, really love it. It’s thin and silk, so it won’t make it too far into the winter. But I wanted to wear it, so I tossed it on over some grey tights and threw on my lovely grey pleather jacket to add a little badassery to the entire get-up.

In case the pleather wasn’t enough, I added little booties to make sure people got the point, but I made sure to juxtapose all of that with a really girly necklace (I could have easily worn the go-to, a mixed chain necklace, but that felt like overkill).

For the record, Express has the BEST tights. I might have to stick with them for the rest of my natural life, they are that amazing. Controlling, but not killer.

I’m really happy with how this one turned out, and even happier with my hair. This look always reminds me of one of my favorite photos of SJP from a S+TC clip:

Which reminds me, I still haven’t gotten a wife beater that I LOVE and paired it with a ton of necklaces, like she has here.

I totally want to try that look, and know I could rock it, I’ve just gotten distracted is all!!

But yeah, so whenever I have an up-do with something girly, I think of this image of Carrie’s hair.

Those pearls are totally plastic.

I bet this wouldn’t be a hard look to buy. I bet it’d be really affordable to get that many necklaces.

I bet I could make that. I could totally make that.

I only know of one bead store in my city right now.


Ok. Back to the outfits.

The next day it got all sunny and warm for some reason, and since I’d had the grey vest sitting in my ‘to-do’ section, I decided to give it a try.

I may have said this before, but I’ll say it again: I am majorly self-conscious about my ‘swimmer shoulders’ and arms. I mean, I know they’re just muscular and that I’m strong, but I get annoyed with them a lot. I say that (again) because I usually try (and fail) to wear the vest with things that cover my shoulders. This might be why I have yet to purchase a great wife beater, as I mentioned above.

I tried it out with this new shirt from Express that has stripes and adorable ruffles, and it worked out pretty well! Overall, it’s not the BEST outfit here, but I think it’s going quite well with this mixture of feminine and badass that I’ve been going for.

Speaking of the grey ruffle shirt, here I am again on Monday with it after my first, totally AMAZING trip to the awesome second-hand shop that has a per-pound section!!! I went there after teaching the Friday before, and went apeshit over how much awesome stuff there was. I was there JUST before the post I wrote about the UPSide to the German used-clothing stigma.

So, is this blazer NOT amazing? I got it for 5-E, and it was the most expensive thing I got there. Excellent!

I’m not usually one for tones of beige as my neutral, but with my love of dark jeans, the beige corduroy blazer was perfect. There were actually three different blazers that were all about this color, and they all fit me, but I liked the cut and pockets of this one best. This blazer is going to get SO much wear this season, it’s the perfect go-between until I really need to start wearing a jacket in the mornings.


I’ve got about 5 more outfits to post, but I think that’s enough for one post. I’ll throw another post up after I’m back from Belgium:)

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