Day 2 and feeling it.

Posted on 28.09.2011


I. Need. To. Calm. Down.

I’m stressing myself out about ‘everything I have to do’, and by that I mean teaching and an intensive German course, and then more teaching and some Budo. It’s too early to start flipping out, I should at least save that for the weekend, after I’ve been in class a few days.

I started the class on Tuesday, and the first class went pretty well. It’s obvious that I’m (still, somehow) one of the more advanced students, but I know my weaknesses. My only issue is that I took a seat between a guy from South Africa (I love those accents) and a guy from Brooklyn. We’re in level three, which is advanced. The entire class should at least be speaking confidently and kind of quickly by now, as THEY have been in the same class together for the past 4 months. Apparently that’s not the case. It was like PULLING TEETH to get the guys I was sitting with to speak Deutsch during the speaking exercises.

If I were our teacher, they’d have extra homework and a nice seat at the front of the class, right in front of me, where they’d be less inclined to speak English. Or they’d be moved to sit with whoever in the class didn’t speak English (a lot of them do in this class). It was majorly frustrating for me, because I spend all day speaking English, and when I go to German class, even if I’m speaking wrong, I want to speak German.

I told my class this morning about the seating issue, and then I told them how much I appreciate how hard they work for me to really speak English while they’re with me. Because they’re only level 2, and they speak far better English than I speak German (I think).

So I couldn’t be in class today, because of a class that I have to teach every other Wednesday. I’ll miss the German class approximately 8 times during the course because of this, and that pisses me off pretty royally, as I signed up for this class AFTER being told I wouldn’t have to take the Weds class. Then the other teacher canceled, and it was back to me. Awesome.

I’ve decided to make the most of my ‘off Wednesdays’ by scheduling as many of my students as I can on that day, since otherwise I have to see them after my German class. No bueno. So today I taught four classes instead of being at German.

Today in German class they had a new teacher, a new (permanent) room, and were working on one of my weak points. I’m pissed that I missed it, and hoping that I’m not already too far behind by tomorrow. On the positive side of things, I’m hoping that I might have lost my seat, and will get a new one tomorrow next to someone willing to speak German in German class. I guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings. The girl from Iran already seems to like me, and I think I like her, too.

I was too full with work and homework tonight to even go to Budo, and that sucked. But I was already worn out and tired from the warmer (wtf) weather and the full day of teaching. So staying home to do my homework was probably the best thing I could have done for myself.

But because of how today went, I’m a little concerned that I might have to push back MOST of my October and November goals (or at least October’s) because I might not have the energy to get to them after teaching and then taking my own classes.

As it stands, there is only ONE goal that I have for next month that has something of a deadline, and that’s the greeting cards goal. I think I can swing that, since I already have the images to use and I just have to make them my own now. Aside from the greeting cards, nothing is of such major importance that it can’t wait until the end of November.

I’m considering after today that maybe I will make the goal for Sept and Oct to just really, REALLY focus on getting perfect at German. I’ll make sure to maintain the GFDF and fitness goals, and I’ll also do my best to finish the greeting cards. I think those are ok goals to have, since one of my so-far-mostly-untouched 2011 goals was to ‘be fluent in German by EOY’. I think being fluent in German by the end of November is a nice way to beat the EOY part. And I hope that everything else can wait.

But still, I’m going to give that idea consideration until the end of the week, which also happens to be the end of the month. I’ll have a weekend mostly alone in Belgium to think about it, and I think that’ll be good for me.

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