Thinking about putting some of the new photos up on Etsy

Posted on 18.09.2011


In case you missed it, I just knocked out a TON of new photography edits in the past few weeks. And I think that a few of them are really good, possibly good for selling.

I’d love some feedback, though, about the images I’m considering. So if you have a moment and want to give your input, it would be most appreciated.

From the Cali, 10 Years Later group:

 I think at least one or two of the Ether (left) group should go in, as well as a few from the Sand (right) grouping.

I think that the Scapes and Crease sets (not pictured) are ok, but not sell-worthy, if that makes sense.

I think the pictured groups are the strongest, and I like that I have at least 3 or 4 in each one that could be posted to the site and bought in a group. I think groupings are important, since I never want to buy just one. Isn’t that against a Fung Shui rule or something?

What do you think?


From the New Film group:








I think that both of the ‘dead Baltimore’ shots should go in, because Baltimore really does look so great at night. Don’t you agree? I also think they’ve got a decent amount of selling power because of their locations: downtown, Light street, with a spectacular view of the buildings. I think they work well together and are pretty decent representatives of the city.

I think the bike with the beer can is a pretty decent and kind of humorous shot. I’m not sure if it will be a top seller, but it might be a good one.

This one is the weakest of the ‘possibles’, in my mind. But I’d love to read your opinions.





I fricking LOVE this shot. I took it right before I moved to Germany, as much for myself as for Kristi, who said she really needed a photo of this.

Because stuff in Baltimore gets taken down every once in a while, I thought best to snap this one just in case it was gone the next time I got back. It’s still not gone. That rocks.

This is on Fall’s road in Hampden, just across the street from Service Photo.


From the New Plants group:

I think the Lily would do well on Etsy, since the site seems to be used mostly by women. Not to stereotype, but if even I like photos of flowers, I imagine that others do, too.

There are only two of the Lily (like this one), so it’s only good in a set of two. I could easily take more, as I’ve still got the plants:)

I like that this image is soft, and kind of abstract.

I think it’s an attractive photo. I’d like it, if I hadn’t made it myself:)

But what do I know.


I rearranged the sets on my Flickr page because I’m about to send the link to someone who is interested in a show from me (!!!). I put them in an order of what I’d prefer to show. I told them that they could make the choice, which I’m ok with. I just hope they don’t choose the Muses or Roofscapes sets, since I’ve already shown them once. Also, I don’t want to have to get them printed again!!

So if you happen to swing by the Flickr sets page and feel disoriented, that’s why, and sorry. All of the new stuff says ‘new’ or ‘Cali’ on it:)

I really appreciate any input you can give me. If you need to see what else I’m selling on the Etsy page, you can click the link in the upper right nav bar:) Please and thanks!

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