The easiest solution is always the one you think of last

Posted on 17.09.2011


Or maybe it was the first one I thought of, but at the time it seemed so unthinkable. Maybe I’m old enough to make that decision and be ok with it today? Maybe just for today (and last night) I’m ok with that decision?

I’ve been being good and ‘getting shit accomplished’, still. One of the nagging things on my list has been to move my Myspace blog over to WordPress, and then to just export it as a word doc and keep it.

But after deleting nearly five pages of no-longer-necessary entries, I’ve come to realize that keeping the blog and everything in it seems really unnecessary. It would be necessary, if I were a raging narcissist, but since I don’t fancy myself to be one, it just seems like a lot of time I could be spending NOT THINKING ABOUT IT ANYMORE.

And that sounds like a great idea.

I mean, honestly, if I think about it, why do I need it?

I think an older version of myself thought that it might be good for my kids or grandkids to read. And now that they aren’t really under consideration, who will need them? Granted, one or two people have stumbled upon the new location and commented, and others found the old one majorly helpful, but I’ve seen enough current, excellent blogs to know that there are other people out there, writing and experiencing things just like I am, and maybe my words aren’t so necessary to them.

And since I’m no longer THAT person who wrote the blogs anymore, why does that version of me need to exist on the internet? I imagine that would be more confusing to anyone trying to know me personally, than anything else.

I’m going to take the rest of the day to think about just deleting my myspace profile, blog and all, and saying that it’s over and that I’m ok with that.

What would you do?


Both my myspace account and the old news blog on WP are gone. And I feel great about that. 

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