Week 2 of the September challenges

Posted on 10.09.2011


I’m really, really excited about the amount of stuff that I’ve managed to get done in the past two weeks. I know that most of it has happened because I have been literally pushing myself to get things done, but on the other hand, a lot of other stuff has come out of the to-do list as well!

In keeping with my goals, I’ve managed to keep up being gluten- and dairy-free with a minor exception, when I wanted bread and had it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole intolerance thing, and I’ve realized that although I DO have some level of general intolerance, I’m not going to die of pain from it like some might. Granted, I can’t see what the stuff is doing to me internally, but from what I can see (i.e., what comes out of me and how I feel), it would appear that my major problem is milk products, followed by whole wheat and soy. White bread is in there at dead last. I think that puts me on the ‘spectrum’ rather than full-on ‘allergic’, and that makes me happy.

Either way, I’ve still been mostly good, and the only transgressions have been with white bread and some butter.

To keep with this goal, I added something of a sub-goal to the month, which is to make my own bread as often as possible. I’m getting really tired of the stuff I can buy in the store. So last week, I did a search on food gawker for ‘gluten free bread’, and was met with only three pages of results. This is miniscule in comparison to other searches I’ve done on the site, but it was nice because I know my options and wasn’t overwhelmed by too many choices. I chose an excellent rosemary, olive and olive oil bread for last week and it is effing brilliant. This week I’ve got a coconut Indian bread. I’m really excited to be able to eat bread that has flavor. It’s exciting and makes the bakeries in town WAY less attractive.

On the Get Shit Accomplished front, I’ve also been majorly successful.
I’ve knocked out two logos for some friends,
cleared off my computer’s desktop (it was a disaster!!)
gotten ALL of the images off of my phone and cameras,
scanned in all of the negatives,
am currently editing the last batch of images from San Diego (the ones that might end up being called ‘art’ rather than ‘what I did on my vacation’).
I’ve also found a dentist,
fixed the photos on the JNK site
signed up for German 3 classes
gotten my 2 pairs of pants altered
shot and begun the story board for Kristi’s story/book.

I even went further with some of the images and uploaded the good stuff to Flickr, and also a few to Etsy. After I’m done there may be more on Etsy, but that’s coming after I get through all of the images. There are always going to be images to edit, but I want to get these knocked out now, because they’ve really been building up.

I am super excited to be able to be so productive! Technically, now I have a deadline for all of my things on the to-do list, and that is Sept 23, as that’s when I go back to German class for two months and will have NO free time during the afternoons like I do now. So I’m racing to get everything off the list so I can just relax and learn some more German.

Along the same lines, I’ve also picked up the German book that I’ve been reading again. I’m not pushing or even trying to read anywhere near as fast as I read in English, but have decided to go slow. I noticed that the book I’m reading has two-page sections or entries, so I’m aiming for one entry a day, and if I can handle more, then great! My vocabulary is already getting better, although my grammar understanding is taking a little longer. It’s a good book though, really entertaining, so I’m at least enjoying going slow.

The only goal that I have managed to be totally shitty about has been my goal to do something fitness related every day. On this goal, I’m totally failing. I mean, I’m walking a decent amount and forcing myself to walk longer and more during the work day (oftentimes while carrying more things), but that’s not what I was aiming for. I’ve only been to budo twice in the past two weeks.

In my own defense, I’ve been feeling super weak. And that’s partially my fault, and partially the fault of the changing weather. We went from summer to fall, right back to summer this week and it’s really messing me up. I’m re-evaluating this goal to instead be do something fitness related at least 3x per week, and giving myself the start date of Monday, through the 12th of October. If all goes well, I’ll just keep pushing through October and then try to be better once my classes are done at the end of November.

I’m definitely not feeling great, but I could be doing better. I could be doing my push ups and strength-building workouts at home. I could also be climbing or going biking, at the very least. I need to stop being so apathetic about the fitness and really push to do something, even if it’s small, whenever I can.

I can’t wait to get new running shoes. But until then, I will bike. And now that winter’s coming, I might pick up swimming laps again. I do love that in the winter, so much.

That’s all for now. My to-do list for this week is almost done already, so I might have to add more from later lists to keep up the momentum.

Happy last weeks of summer, enjoy them.

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