On art, artists: Shea Hembrey

Posted on 03.09.2011


This video was too great NOT to share, even though many of my readers aren’t artists.

I love his idea, the concept, and the fact that he followed through with it. This guy spent two years not only creating enough art to fill a biennial, but also the 100 artists and personalities behind the art: he made all of it himself.

In a time and world where we’re all trying so hard to define ourselves, this guy split into 100 personalities and made convincing work for each of them.

I love that he wasn’t classically trained as an artist. I know that I often complain about amateurs, but the people I’m bitching about are the ones that don’t have the follow-through, concepts or right to call themselves practicing artists. This guys does, and he’s allowed in the club.

I really needed to watch this today. Or this month, specifically. As one of my goals is to ‘get shit accomplished’, one of the things I plan to work on this month is illustrating a children’s story for a friend. I took steps to do that today, by going to a zoo and taking some reference photos.

I’m kind of afraid to do this project, because I stopped trying to draw realistically (as a profession) almost a decade ago. I CAN draw in a relatively realistic fashion, but it’s not what I trained in or studied in school. In fact, I dropped drawing classes as quickly as I could once I became a sophomore and they were no longer required.

I’ve kept up with my drawing, but it’s mostly been of inanimate objects. So I’m really excited and really intimidated to do this. Intimidated because I want so badly to do it really well, and I want nothing more than for my friend to publish the story. Excited because I have a chance to get back into what I love, which is digital art and making gorgeous things. I haven’t made any digital ‘art’ in a long time. I really can’t wait to start layering and putting patterns together to make something lovely and worth selling.

I kind of wish I had a wacom tablet right now, I feel like that would be pretty awesome.

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