Shit that’s been accomplished in the past 48 hours

Posted on 02.09.2011


I am SO on top of this month’s 30-day challenge to Get Shit Accomplished.

In the past 48 hours, I have managed to be more productive than I was for the entire week leading up to the month change.

Big shouts to my LACK OF SLEEPING, which has enabled me to do so many things. On the downside, it’s curbing my motivation and I did NOT do something fitness yesterday, although I did manage to get my ass to Budo tonight. I’m hoping to start a good pattern over the weekend that will be fun to keep up.

So far this week, I’ve:
~ Looked up and located all of the second-hand shops in Wü
~ Prepped my two pairs of pants that need to go to the alterations shop
~ Contacted a lawyer about an issue in my hometown
~ Gotten a ton of photos off of my phone, and even began working on them!
~ Moved some of my Myspace blog over, and deleted a whole lot of entries in the process that won’t be making the move
~ Sent a submission to Jumping In Art Museums (go check it out! .blogspot)
~ Enrolled in German 3 (intensive) to begin in a few weeks
~ Found out the hours for the Landratsamt to get my driver’s license sorted
~ Prepped my closet for the Fall/Winter season
~ Collected clothes to be ‘retired’ for the season, and others to go to a swap or shop
~ Contacted Veer about a product they should be selling (I was turned down before they even heard it)
~ Taken the appropriate steps to get an illustrated book started/done for a friend

As you can see, I’ve been on top of things. I can’t wait to get all of this done and out of the way! I’m so excited!! And the upside is that starting German lessons again will give me a deadline to get as much done as possible: because once I take on both German and my normal work schedule, there won’t be so much time for anything else.

Even if I’ve missed another goal for a day, I feel great about all I’ve gotten done instead. I can get to it all, and I’m feeling really motivated!

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