Posted on 31.08.2011


 So, seriously… how can the girl who can call asleep anywhere (on top of a bass speaker, in the MRI machine, in the car on the way home) have such trouble sleeping at night?

I have a theory, and I’m trying to fix it.

I think my issue is twofold, and if I’d only had one without the other, then maybe I wouldn’t be in this predicament.

I flew east from Cali back to Germany. That’s a 9 hour time difference. I actually slept on the plane, which isn’t something I do often, but it helped to get me through the day of teaching once I was home.

I came home to some EXTREMELY hot weather. Mind you, it’s only ‘normal summer weather’ by Baltimore standards, but that is the equivalent of ‘too hot for me’, now that we’ve got the MS to figure in. The heat makes me overly tired and all-around fatigued. So I spent a week waking up early to go teach some English, and then I’d come home exhausted from the heat and sleep for like 4 hours. In the afternoon.

This, plus something like jet lag, is what my problem is. My other problem that I have in GENERAL is that once my eyes are open, I’m pretty much 100% awake. The only exception to this rule is when I’m really, really tired. I haven’t been that way yet in the past two weeks. There has been no middle ground so far.

So now I’m on this hideous ‘sleeping for 4 hours’ schedule and I’m having trouble coming off of it. René tried to solve the issue tonight with some wine, but we were out of red and white doesn’t do much for me. I went to bed moderately buzzed at around 11:30, only to wake back up at 3:30. Then I spent about an hour laying in bed, trying to force myself back to sleep before I just gave up and came out here.

On the upside, I slept tonight. So I’m good for some time. On the downside, I might want to take a nap later today before budo, and that is NEVER a good thing. I always end up wanting to sleep right through budo when that happens.

I think I might need to force myself to stay awake today after teaching. All day. Like I’ve just flown to a new place and need to get used to their time zone.

Stay awake for longer than normal, sleep like a baby when it’s the right time, get back on track?

We’ll see.

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