No, dad, WHAT ABOUT YOU?!?!

Posted on 31.08.2011


If for no other reason than what happens around 2:10 on the below video, this is my favorite episode of Ask a Ninja, ever.

I was listening to the podcast one night, driving back to my friend Kim’s house from work before I moved in with Kristi back at the end of 2008. It was just before Xmas, my car was freezing, and then this came on.

You might wonder why I’m sharing this now. I mean, it’s 5am on a schoolnight/school morning.

I thought I’d be productive and go through the myspace blog, to see what’s worth salvaging, and came upon the original post from when I ran into this back in 2008. It’s not worth moving to a new blog, but I like it enough to share again here.

Which I guess is ultimately the same thing. But I don’t feel the need to explain my art to you.

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