Adding to/editing my September challenges.

Posted on 30.08.2011


I’m sticking to my guns, and I’m going to do everything I said I’d do in my last post a few days ago. All of them, and goal 5 (to maybe knock out a short story) is still on the ‘maybe’ end of all of that.

But I’ve found something that is, to me at this very moment, much more pressing than the short story. In fact, I might need another month for the short story, just to be safe.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m an incessant list-maker. None of this ‘Top Ten Greatest Albums of All Time’ bs, no. Things to do. Things to make. Things to hear.

This is how bad my list making is:

my effing desktop

This is the Stickies program on my computer, forever reminding me of all of the goals I’ve set for myself that I haven’t accomplished yet. Some of them are small, like that green stickie on the side. That’s just bands I want to check out. And that’s just the top of the list. It goes down WAY far.

Others are larger, like contacting a lawyer in my hometown about the inordinate amount of people my age who have ‘contracted’ auto-immune disorders. It is well above the national average, and deserves some looking into.

The stickies aren’t all lists, but most of them are. And most of them are things that I can do very easily from wherever I am. So I should get on that.

On top of this, there are things that aren’t even ON these notes that I have to do. Like fix the photos problem on the JNK Wü site. And talk to my boss about my upcoming LACK of hours.

So, my final goal for the September 30-day challenge is this:


I don’t think I need to be more specific than that. I’ve already got a ridiculous list to deal with, and plenty of off time to deal with it in. And as I get those things done, I’ll be writing about them. So maybe it’ll be an interesting month of posts, eh?

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