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Posted on 27.08.2011


 If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to or where I’ve been lately, then I suggest you take a trip over to my 2011: A Year in Books page. That’s where I’ve been. I’ve read approximately one book each day this week. That’s a lot, but it was somewhat overdue since I kept away from reading during my vacation. I finished a book just before my sister and her boyfriend got here, and didn’t pick up a new one until I was at the airport on the way back home after San Diego.

Some of my readers might remember that I had a grand plan to read (and finish) my first German book on the plane ride over to Cali. That was a fail. Not an epic one, just a straight-up lose. I didn’t crack the book during the vacation except for once, when I opened it to read a passage to two new German friends I’d made at the hostel we stayed at.

So I still need to get on that book and finish it.

But I wanted to write today, because I made a realization that I mentioned to my friend V today while we had lunch.

Before I came here, I’d made a resolution not to buy any more books until I’d read (or gotten rid of) all of the books that I already had. It turned out that I didn’t even want to read half of the books I owned, and a lot of them ended up getting sold online or given/sold to second-hand shops. It was all excellent, because I was really able to purge my book collection and whittle it down to the absolute must-owns.

Then when I came here, I brought the books I could bring with me. There are still some waiting for me in MD, and I bring them back every time I’m there, or I have someone bring me books whenever they visit. I’m happy to say that, as of today, I own 80 books here in Germany and there are only 15 that I haven’t read. Most of the unread books are art books, though, with lots of photos, which could be handled very quickly. I’m happy about that.

I’ve got four in line right now to read immediately, and two to read slowly (as they are in German). But all in all, I’m really excited to be able to say that I have read just about every book I own! By the time the year is over, I will have read all of the unread ones here, and probably added to my collection as well.

I just finished the 6th installment from the Kabuki series (hence the photo I’ve included in the post) and will most certainly be going to the comic book store to pick up #7. I’m really proud of myself for making this resolution, for sticking to it, and for enjoying everything I’ve read so far.

How are your goals coming along?

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