update on my 30-day challenges, food issues

Posted on 25.08.2011


I’m feeling majorly disconnected this week. I guess that’s to be expected, since I just got back from a completely different place and time.

I meant to write about how my 30-day challenges were going at the halfway point, but I guess I was busy having an excellent time in SD. So I’ll write about them now and hope for an excellent 4 days until they end.

My 30-day challenges were to get back to being REALLY GF and DF, and also to cut out candy for the month. For the most part, they were both successful, with the intended effect of getting me back on the road that I’ve managed to veer from in the past few months. It was really easy to be GF and DF in SD, and also to avoid candy, but it meant that I ended up eating a lot of chips, which wasn’t intended and most likely isn’t that great for me.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to keep both of them up for another month, because I know I can do better. This time I’ll focus on bringing my own food with me, so I don’t have to be at the mercy of the convenience shops. I’ll get back to eating more fruit, which is the next step in that entire idea. More fruit, less crap.

I’ve eaten some candy since I’ve been home, even though I have a full fridge of great food, and today I totally broke down and had a butter pretzel because I kind of just wanted to taste it. That makes approximately 4 GFDF fails since the month started, and I think that’s actually pretty good, as it’s a MAJOR improvement over my normal months.

Small doses, small doses.

I don’t think I’m asking too much of myself to keep these two up for another month, and another month after that, and so on… but based on the internal issues I’m having with my diet in general, I think I might want to see a nutritionist.

I feel like I’m somehow running out of options, and I need to talk to an expert rather than read something that could be suspect or designed to sell me shit on the internet.

Ultimately, I’d love to go vegan. And let’s face it, aside from the meat I eat, I pretty much am already, thanks to the DF half of my dietary restrictions.

Here are the things I know to be true:
~ I definitely do have at least a minimal allergy to dairy and gluten
~ Soy makes me gassy, and not the ‘invisible’ kind of gassy. People notice. Thankfully, people are polite. Or maybe they just can’t imagine I’d do something like that.
~ I should be staying away from beans and eggs.

Those three are accepted, and the suggested things I should be off of anyway, since I have MS.

The rest of what I want is the following:
~ to find a protein source that would allow me to go mostly vegetarian. It would also be nice if it was something solid, as opposed to my hemp powder.  I really need a blender, like, for reals.
~ to still eat fish (you will have to pry the sushi from my cold, dead hands)
~ to sometimes break down and order a steak or some ribs.

So all in all, I’ll never be able to label myself as strictly veg, or even strictly pescetarian, which is what I’d be closest to. Further, buying fish here (good, wild fish that hasn’t been farmed) is kind of expensive. Thankfully, I can afford to eat well and live up to my own moral standards with this one. Sadly, I don’t want to eat fish all day, every day. Because then I’d end up tired of that, too.

This is why I think I need to see a nutritionist. I think that it would be smart to get some blood work done, to see what I am lacking, what I have enough of, etc. From there I feel like I could get a good idea of exactly how much protein I really, truly need in my diet. I have a strong feeling as of late that I could eat a lot less than is normally recommended if I could just supplement it correctly. I get tired of eating meat, and I know there’s a reason for that.

Unfortunately for me, the ways that most vegetarians and vegans supplement their protein is a no-go for me. No whole wheat, no soy, no yogurt. That’s a major disadvantage for me. On the other hand, some soy products seem to not have such an adverse effect on me. I can’t really trust that, though, since my entire issue is a disease that I can’t see… so if I have no idea how/if my meds are working at all, I don’t expect to be able to see all of the ways that ingesting soy might be hurting me.

Issues, I have them.

Also, I’d like to state for the record how annoyed I get with foodgawker sometimes. I know that eating GF is really easy: just grill a steak and some potatoes and you’re set… but it really pisses me off that almost 90% of the stuff on the GF page is bakery items, or recipes including milk. I’d love for there to be a GF and DF page that I could look at. I wonder if I can type my own options into that site?

All of the internal issues I’ve been having as of late along the lines of my dietary needs and restrictions have led me to revise something that I follow as a rule for life: Either do it 1000%, or not at all.

While I don’t think that this can really be applied to the dietary restrictions I’ve got set, it’s something that I was trying to follow for my life in general. And I’ve realized lately that I can’t be 1000% of anything. I can be as hardcore as I want to be, but sometimes I might not have the luxury of choice, and I have to remember to be thankful to have it at all.

With that in mind, I don’t have to be a hardcore vegan to make a difference in demand. I just need to eat less. I don’t need to be so hardcore about where my avocados come from (because seriously, they don’t grow here in Germany), but I don’t need to buy them so often. I don’t need to swear off eating meat, but it would be better if I could get all of it as either wild or local. And that, I can handle. Except for fish, obviously.

What I’m saying is that there are things that we need, and things that we want. I personally need sushi to survive, which happens to be the perfect gluten and dairy free meal. I also need to enjoy what I’m eating in order to be happy in my life, in general. So I’m going to stop making such harsh rules for myself in an attempt to really enjoy every day. I think that’s important, and I think I deserve it.

In fact, I think we all do.

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