September 30-day challenge goals

Posted on 25.08.2011


In following my last post about food issues, and since there are only a few days left of August, I’m going to post my goals for September in the 30-day challenge series.

My goals from last month were to get back on track with being GF and DF, and to eliminate sweets/candy from my diet.

I’ve been mostly succesful, but I want to take those goals further as I add new goals.

My goals for September will build on those, as well as a few new goals:

1. To continue to be a badass in the GF/DF department
2. To continue to not eat sweets, or candy. Adding to this, I cannot eat potato chips, or even healthy rice chip things, every day. Real food. Also, NO SODA. That’s getting cut out, too.
3. To add to the above, when I am hungry, I need to drink water, then eat a piece of fruit first. If I’m still hungry after that, then I can eat something more substantial.
4. To do something fitness-related 5 days per week.

Possible 5. To write at least one of my short stories.

To go into further detail, goal 3 is something that I WAS doing before I fell off the proverbial wagon. I hope it won’t be so easy to get back to. I really don’t eat enough fruit during the day, so this is my goal to try to change that.

Goal 4 is something that I am absolutely capable of doing when it’s not hot out or when René is away on an extended job. I need to be able to do this and set some time aside from myself at least a few days out of the week. I actually think I can handle 6 days, but I want to be lenient with myself in case we get an Indian summer, which could very well happen.

It’s not so hard to wake up and do floor work, like I used to do. It’s not hard to stand in front of my fan in the living room and do strength exercises. Further, I will test out P90x (light) during the challenge, to see if I like it. If I don’t, no harm done. I think I have the necessary tools to begin the program already, although I am currently missing some hand weights. But I’ve got resistance bands.

I’m also planning to get back to the hundred push-ups challenge, which I’ve been lax on since my vacation. I only managed to do it once while I was in the US, and maybe only twice while Steph and Kyle were here.

Goal 5 will only happen if I can handle the others. I might wait a week to begin it, to see where my time falls. As it stands now, I have the time, but the heat is wearing me out. If the heat subsides and I can fit the workouts in, then the story will come after that. If I can’t deal with the weather or am having trouble fitting in the workouts, then the story will wait for another month.

Aside from Goal 5, these are all rather small as far as personal goals are concerned. The old me would be training for a marathon, or walking 6 miles every day (which I might be able to do)… but the newer, smarter me understands that I need to start small and really get to something of an expert level before I move on. Learn to walk before running, right?


Anyone up for trying something new in September with me?

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