I should be doing lots of other things, but here are some overdue outfits from a few weeks ago

Posted on 20.08.2011


I’m in San Diego for one more night, and I have a LOT to write about this place… I also have a LOT of English homework emails that I should be grading, and phone numbers that I should be looking up for tomorrow, but I think I’d prefer to clear some of this stuff off my plate before getting to those mighty important, not-totally-important things.

Ok, well, English emails are pretty important. But I need to declutter before I get to them.

So here are some outfits that I worked out in the two weeks before heading to California. My ultimate plan for this vacation was to effectively live in my bathing suit and some dresses. And if it got cold, then pants could be added underneath the dresses. Eazy-duz-it was the plan (and btw, we totally rocked that track on the way up to LA for the day), and it’s worked out well so far.

So here’s what I came up with before packing my suitcases. It was mostly successful, I think.

I love this dress, I love that I’m short and it can BE a dress. I love the mix with the leggings here and the belt, I think they go well together.

I also love those platforms with this outfit. To me, this was a major win and it came to Cali with me. Except, in the final run the other day, it was paired with my dark denim jeans instead of the black leggings, who did not make the final suitcase cut. I wanted to pack economically, and the dark jeans were just more versatile than my usual euro-trash look.

Not knocking the black leggings, I love them to death, but when in Rome, right?

The platforms didn’t come with me, either. I like to get my walk on, and those things, while practical for SOME walking in the city, are NOT practical for a whole day in a new town, which usually equals getting lost at least once.

I wore this on Corrie’s birthday, in honor of her. I did that part by rocking a vest that I know she loves;)

Under the vest was my phoenix shirt, and it did actually make an appearance later in the day when I got tired of rocking the vest. I think this outfit looks a LOT better in real life than the photo gives it credit for.

I layered two necklaces here, both blue (albeit different shades) to create something that was thick like the bib look that’s so current right now. It was a good choice, I think.

And the flats. They worked for this outfit, although I could have rocked some platforms. I took the blue skirt with me to Cali, but I haven’t worn it yet. I’ve been too stuck on the dresses, which I can discuss again below:) Maybe I’ll rock the skirt tomorrow.


This one was SO simple, and so right-on. This is a 3-Euro dress that I got on clearance from C+A. It’s far too long for me, but that didn’t stop me.

I initially bought the dress with the idea in mind that I’d finally alter a maxi dress to fit the one that I’ve been looking for since I saw Bitter:Sweet perform like 4 years ago. Shana was wearing this BOMBING dress that was open in the front down to there. I ended up not doing that, though, because it just looked so great as it was, that I decided to keep it intact.

There was still the length issue to deal with, though, so I used my thinking cap and got a belt. I didn’t want to alter it, because I might still want to wear it with heels or espadrilles one day, and then it would be too short. So instead of making any kind of permanent damage, I just folded the dress a little in the middle and popped a kickass belt on to cover it up/hold it in place. And that was an epic success, I think.

This dress came with, as did the belt, and I rocked the shit out of them today.

I picked up this easy little number from H&M during their sale a while back, it only ran me like 5-Euros.

It’s pretty perfect for rolling around in your bathing suit, tossing something on to go to the pool, or touring the city with some heavy hardware jewelry.

And I did all of those things in this dress. It’s definitely the MVP for the trip, it got the most wear and was definitely the go-to for when I just needed to toss something on and go.

Even though it’s a babydoll cut, it’s super versatile and was able to transform pretty seamlessly from day to night-wear. Also, it works pretty well over jeans. Yes!


So, that’s what I did in the weeks before the Cali trip, and I’ll be excited to get back home and wear other things. I think I’ve worn them all enough for a while, and I don’t actually think the weather back home is good enough to be rocking what I’ve posted here every day. Maybe with a few more layers.

More blogging to come. I still don’t feel like doing my (their) homework!


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