Heidi Slimane got me with the Frances Bean photos

Posted on 20.08.2011


First of all, before I talk about the artist, I’d like to say that I remember reading about this girl being born. When it actually happened. I can’t believe how old she is now, how gorgeous she is, and how much like her mother she looks. And I usually don’t associate the words ‘Courtney Love’ with the word ‘gorgeous’, but this version certainly is. Frances just had a birthday, so happy birthday, lovely lady.

That being said, I was turned on to Heidi’s work because of the Frances Bean shoot, but I really like her older stuff as well.

You can check out the ‘diary’ section where Frances is posted here: http://www.hedislimane.com/diary/

Enjoy. I love great portraits that don’t require too much work.


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