This is my inspiration for the next few weeks

Posted on 07.08.2011


I saw this image with an article in the NYTimes about enjoying the poetry in our everyday lives. I think it was taken by the author, but maybe it was just a supplemental image. Either way, this is the ‘idea’ that I’ve got for while I’m on vacation.

I want to try to do a bunch of these collages with my hipstamatic app. It’s totally an easy panorama that I can just bond in Photoshop. I really love asymmetrical, fucked up frames from combined images and I think these would be an awesome set for my trip to California and for walking around the city here with my sister and Kyle. I think for my own city, it would force me to look at the things I see every day in a different way. And I think that will be exciting.

That’s all. I’ve been quiet lately. Not quiet, just busy, really:) More later:)

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