Camille Rose Garcia is a lovely Illustrator

Posted on 02.08.2011


I didn’t find Camille on my own, Kristi found her for me when she got into immaculately illustrated books. I am thankful for this, because I got a GORGEOUS book out of it, and was also introduced to this wonderful artist’s work.

Camille hails from LA and recently had a show there (lame that we missed it, we’ll be there in two weeks!). She’s apparently had a TON of solo shows (says her résumé) and got her MFA from UC Davis. The UC Davis thing is pure irony to me, because it is one of the MFA programs I was checking out the last time I was in California. I decided against it immediately because I didn’t like the landscape surrounding the school (read: there was none).

You can check out her website HERE, and her galleries of work HERE. Also of entertaining interest is her FAQs section, full of hysterical responses to things.

A few more pieces of her work, for your viewing pleasure:

Here’s her illustrated cover for Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. You can read how I felt about the book on my books page, as I just finished reading it.

I did a bit of research on amazon today, it doesn’t appear that she has illustrated any OTHER children’s stories (or classics, whatever you consider Alice to be), and that makes me pretty sad, because I would totally buy whatever this lady is drawing. Except, of course, for the items for sale on her website, because they are too expensive for me (right NOW), and not the items that I would want to own.

But hopefully while we’re in LA (cough HINT Kristi cough) we can stop at that gallery that showed her work, and they’ll have a show catalog or something. Or a poster. That would be most excellent.

I’ve provided a link to the book on amazon on the books page, if you’re interested in checking it out!


Both of the above are just gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree?

Check her out, and enjoy ❤

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