New goal, or, Jumping Rope SUCKS!!

Posted on 01.08.2011


Seriously, how did I ever enjoy this form of fitness as a child? Moreover, how and why did I ever find it a good idea to take part in something called ‘Jump Rope for Life’ while in elementary school, and how was I able to jump rope for no less than 2 hours without quitting?

Can I have THAT endurance back, please? Is this the price we pay for getting a driver’s license and bras? I’m still not sure if that’s even fair.

So I tried to jump rope today for the first time in, I don’t know, a really long time. Like, decades, I’m sure. And it was a disaster.

I decided to try it out with the jump rope I bought a few years ago (but never used, and somehow it got to Germany… I don’t even know how, but this looks like a rondom ‘storage unit from Stephanie’ addition) on my balcony. The first issue was that the rope was FAR too long. So I kept whipping myself or getting stuck in the rope. It was also hitting the overhang from the roof above me.

Then I went into the bathroom to shorten it. But not to really shorten it, because maybe René might want to use it, so I had to jigga-rig it with a hair band and some begging of the universe. Then I was back outside, except now, the rope is twisting and getting caught on itself, and now hitting me in the face instead of the legs and arms.

And as it turned out, the little old Frankish lady downstairs was out in her garden, trying to talk to me (of course). So I’m jumping and hitting myself and trying to answer her in the best German I have.

I only lasted 10 minutes in between all of the stops. I had a stopwatch.

I couldn’t go 30 rotations without something stopping me. It was terrible.

So my new goal (not for 30 days, but for something close to EVER) is to be able to jump rope like I know what I’m doing. I’d like to start out by doing 50 rotations without a catastrophe occurring. After that maybe I’ll go for a minute nonstop, then two minutes, then 5, etc.

Because according to spark people, 4 minutes of jump roping burns 44 calories. That’s an average I can get behind.

The fucking rope will come with me to Cali. Maybe.

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