Please to has Amerie’s legs?

Posted on 31.07.2011


Ok, so, seriously… on a much lighter note.

I need to print images of Amerie and keep them everywhere.

In my wallet, on the fridge, taped to the side of my monitor.

Because, really. I can DO this. Amerie may be taller than me, but I’ve got those legs. I sit comfortably on the scale somewhere between her and J.Lo/Beyoncé when it comes to my thighs, and I am sure with just a little more motivation, I could be confidently taking these photos.

Yeah, I could be taking them now, but it wouldn’t be as confidently as if I’d just done some amazing workout plan that makes them more toned like these.

I don’t even have that much work to do, if I’m being totally honest. I’m already riding the bike a lot, and if I can get to Budo as often as I’d prefer, then it would be just the simple task of doing some side-leg raises and other outer/inner-thigh workouts until this was me.

I was watching a music video of hers (it was a song I hadn’t heard before, or hadn’t equated with being hers) and realized that we totally have the same build.

Then I realized how completely banging her legs were.

And then I thought that it wouldn’t be too hard for me to do that, and maybe photos of Amerie are an extra motivation that might help me.

So maybe I’ll set a new goal/promise here: I’m going to actively work to get these legs. And when I do, I will take photos similar to these and we can all compare.

Yes? I think that works.

I wonder if any of my other friends have ‘healthy’ image models? Like, women who share a similar body build that you hold in your mind? I keep Beyoncé in there. And now she can have company:)

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