30-Day Challenge, round one

Posted on 29.07.2011


Some of you might remember the awesome video I posted a while ago from Matt Cutts, a TED talk: Try something new for 30 days.

Since I’m about to take around 3 weeks of vacation, I’m laying the homework on some of my classes pretty thick. One of my higher level classes was assigned the video last week as homework. They had to watch it and be prepared to come in and talk about it today. Every one of them gave an example or three of things they’d like to do or try for a month, so I decided to take it a step further: their homework while I’m away is three emails.

Email #1’s assignment is to JUST email me the thing they’re going to try for 30 days. They have to tell me when they will start, when they will end, and why they have chosen to do or try this thing.

Email #2 and #3 are effectively just accountability reports. They have to email me once each week, telling me how their trial is going. If they ALL email me, then I’ll tell them what my 30-day trials are and how it’s going, too.

But for now, I need to post it somewhere, to keep myself accountable in case my students fall through.

My plan will begin on August 1 and run through the month, 31 days. In that time, I’m going to give up candy and sweets (read: artificial or processed sugars), and I’m also going to re-dedicate myself to being gluten and dairy free. I’ve been really bad the last few months, letting in bits of gluten and dairy because I’m pretty aware of how much my body can handle before it ‘hurts’. I need to stop that, and start accepting the lifestyle, rather than cutting corners.

I’m hoping that a month is enough time for me to curb the bad habits that I’ve let seep back into my life. I have some ideas for next month, but I’ve got some time to think about them:)

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