Sweet relief and a ‘real’ vacation

Posted on 28.07.2011


I really appreciate change. A lot more than most. And today is a good day to talk about it, because of what today means for me as a teacher in my current job.

A big acquisition happened a while ago of a company here in Germany. All but two of my 14 students at the effected business were effected by this change, and there was a downside: all of the students that had been ‘acquired’ by the new company were no longer given allowance to learn English with a real teacher, unless they were SO low on the English scale that they needed serious help. Now, they get to use a computer program.

While I don’t think that will help the people who really need help, I know that most of my students, all of whom were functional level 3’s, will be fine.

Today marks my last day of classes with those students. And although I’m sad to lose them, because they are all genuinely awesome in general, I’m a little happy about the change in my schedule that this will make.

Thursdays used to be my busy days. No longer the case after today. As it stands after today, Thursday falls right in with Tuesdays, with only two classes. And now my Wednesday is back to just one class instead of two. Even with losing my three classes and another two one-on-one students, I’m finally down to my contracted amount of hours per week. I know that new work will always present itself, but for now I’m really thankful for that change.

I currently work mornings from about 7:30 – 9:30, depending on the day, and I fucking HATE that because I hate waking up with an alarm more than ANYTHING. Sadly, it’s the only time I can teach at certain companies, so it has to happen. So I’m thankful to lose the long day that follows on Thursdays. Now I can go home and relax and maybe work out. Or go swimming, if the weather ever gets better!!

And the change couldn’t have come at a better time, since Stephanie and Kyle are in next Friday for about a week, and then after that I’ll fly out to Cali for a little over a week for some actual vacationing.

By that, I mean ‘not taking vacation time to go to a seminar, or somewhere to train’. Even though Japan and Belgium in the last 4 months were both totally awesome, there really wasn’t any relaxing happening. I’m so excited to go to Cali, to get to see Jeanan (and see her get married to an awesome guy, BONUS!!), and then spend the rest of the week bumming around with Kristi and not doing too much.

That is going to be awesome, and I can’t wait. I’m so ready for a break! I feel like everything between coming back from the US and now has been a sprint.

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