New plan for California

Posted on 27.07.2011


I hadn’t made any real plans on what I would pack to bring to Cali yet, except for the obvious clothing and meds. And I’ve spoken with Kristi about other things that need to be brought.

Today I made a new goal/resolution. But first, as always, the back story.

I’ve been planning to read a book that a student of mine let me borrow a few months ago for at least two months. I finally got around to starting it last weekend, but it’s been a little slow-moving, because the book is written in German.

I think it was written by an American, but it’s in German. It’s proved to be fucking hysterical, and that’s only in the first 10 pages that I’ve been able to read.

I was expecting reading a FULL book in German to be hard, but maybe I didn’t realize what the amount of time that ‘hard’ would take up. As an example, it took me about 30 minutes to read one page. I wasn’t reading slow, but I was looking up new words and writing them on my little flashcards for later. That took a while.

At the speed I’m going, it might take me a year to read the book.

But that’s where the goal/resolution comes in.

I’ve got a MINIMUM 14-hour flight each way to and from California in 2 weeks. I intend to use them all. My goal is to bring that book, and the James Bond (in German) book that I bought a few weeks ago on the plane, along with my dictionary and cards, with me. Then I’ll have no distractions (save for an in-flight movie, if I’m lucky) and can really focus on the reading.

I’m hoping to get a good deal of the book finished on the plane. I will not read other books while I’m in California, unless I finish these books. I doubt I’ll finish both of them, but I AM hoping to finish one. Further, I’ve also loaded up some German lessons onto my phone, so I can listen to them if I need a break.

So, that’s the plan. Read all German and listen to German during the flight. I’ll have the time, it might be nice to practice without anything to really distract me. I’m actually very excited about this.

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