Beth Ditto is a role model.

Posted on 27.07.2011


Rock Star. Queer. Big Girl. Amazing Person.

Whatever you want to call her, it doesn’t matter to her. And that’s why she’s a role model, at least to me.

Sure, she’s most likely younger than me. But I’ve decided lately that I need to start keeping track of the people who really inspire me (other than my friends). This thought came to mind one day while I was watching some German TV show on ‘the 10 Worst Things That Could Happen to a Person’, which was ultimately a mash-up of all of the fucked up shit that people manage to live through. There was the girl who lives in TX that has to eat something like 8,000 calories a day just to survive, who looks anorexic. There was the majorly obese woman who was something like 500lbs, and could no longer move from her very large chair/bed.

It got me thinking that I should keep track of REAL survivors, for when I’m having one of my ‘I am so pissed to have this disease’ days. I think it would be helpful for my motivation and my outlook if I had THESE people taped to my books or walls, so I could look at them constantly and be reminded of how small my struggle seems in comparison.

So then I read this article on xojane the other day: Dancing in Your Underwear is Good For You, in which the writer takes the opportunity to say that not only is it a good idea to dance around in your undies to boost your confidence at home, but that it’s also pretty badass to do it in public.

I can’t help but wonder if this entire article was a ploy to post the awesome video, but I don’t care too much, because that’s not what got me. What got me was the effing beautiful abandon with which Beth dances around covering Madonna’s ‘Vogue’.

Here is a fucking amazing, successful, fashionable young lady who the world has probably tried to tell things like ‘You’re too big’, or ‘lose some weight’, or whatever. And maybe she’s got her down days just like the rest of us. But on her up days, of which there appear to be many (this isn’t the first time there’s been undies involved), she doesn’t give a shit and is completely happy with what her mother gave her.

I don’t care what your, my or her size is. I don’t care that I might always be smaller than her. What I care about is the idea that there is no reason for any of us to ever feel bad or ashamed about our bodies, ever. And Beth is absolute proof of that. We should all be so confident and accepting of ourselves.

Beth Ditto: Queen of Body Confidence.