A week’s worth of clothes, shot over two weeks

Posted on 22.07.2011


The past two weeks have been pretty harsh on me. I don’t know why, although Kristi asked if I’ve been taking in a lot of dairy, and dag-gonnit, I think she’s right. I was drinking a lot of hot chocolate at the office. I BET it has milk powder in it. God, I have to be more careful. Or start bringing my own DF cocoa to work. Noted. Sigh.

I don’t quite know what happened to all of the other days, but I can guess that I just randomly woke up and threw on something dark and Euro-trashy, judging by the photos that I DID take. It was a dark few weeks, yeah. Literally and figuratively. It’s been, on average, 70 degrees fahrenheit here. While that is awesome, I want to go swimming!!!

This might have been the sunniest day we’ve seen in the past two weeks. I don’t even know what day it was anymore, but I know a few other things:

1- I got both of these items on MAJOR clearance from my favorite shop, Dreist. And they weren’t both on sale at the same time. I got the skirt first, and I tried it on with this shirt in the store, but the shirt wasn’t on sale. I got the shirt about a month later when it got marked down.

2- I FINALLY found the socks that I’ve been looking for since seeing them in a window display a few months ago. Deb and I found them randomly while absent mindedly looking through the hosiery section of a kind-of department store. Also on clearance.

All of this together is winning, although this is kind of a terrible picture. I really need to stop hunching my shoulders.

Like, for real.

Oh hey, it’s those socks I was just talking about. The correct term for this type of sock is a ‘trouser sock’. I have a feeling that’s because one is supposed to wear them under trousers. Not this girl.

This dress is seriously at least 5 years old. And it’s from Ann Taylor Loft and is super-pin-upy from the front. Know what I love most about it? That no matter what size I am, or feel, if I can fit into this dress then I am officially a size 2 by ATL’s standards. I know I’m not really a 2, and so do most of you, but it’s awesome to have something as a size 2 in my closet that fits. When I can wear this dress, I know I’m in the zone I want to be in, tone-wise.

Those shoes are new, I just got them after a MONTH of searching for something decent with a decent heel to wear to work. A ‘decent heel’, by my current location’s standards, is a heel that I can walk comfortably in on cobblestone. I had to order them off the internet, which was an interesting first experience for me. Of course, I got them on mad sale (winning!) These are winners, period. Wait till you see them up close. They are JUST badass enough to wear with anything, and JUST fetish enough when worn with some badass tights and nothing else. Yes, I tried that.

In the above photo I left the socks kind of slouched. Then I saw Deb and she said I should pull them up, so I did that, too, in the photos below. I welcome feedback as to which looks better. I’m on the fence. I think it depends on what’s on top. But one thing is certain: these socks, and polka dots in general, rule.

How hot are those shoes? When you click on the image and zoom in, check out the soles. Not only are they waaay comfy for walking with all of that rubber, but the shape is pretty hot. And I love the polka dots on the socks… it’s easy to see why I was searching for these, I think. Right?

I think this was the beginning or middle of week two. I remember that my hair needed to be washed, so pulling it up was the only option. No one noticed:) As you can see here, it was so effing cold in the middle of summer that I got to rock my awesome black blazer. I was slightly ok with that, because it was a welcome change from bearing my guns all the time. And I got to rock this awesome tank. I can’t really wear it solo to work because it’s a racer-back and I refuse to go braless for it. Or acquire a racer-back bra.

The jeans and tank are both Express (and both major clearance, I like to wait things out) and the blazer is from a brand called ONLY who I like a lot here in Germany. Also on sale.

I’m not sure if you can see it in the clicked photo, but this blazer is awesome. It’s got button-up ruffles on the side that you can button to make ruffles, or unbutton to close the front. It’s really awesome and I love that it’s versatile. It was also available in grey, but I figured this would be a nice addition to all of my suit pants and a few dresses, if needed:)

 I’m relatively certain there’s a rule somewhere about not wearing short skirts to teach/work, especially when 90% of your students are adult men. Then there’s the rule about not wearing heels with a mini-anything. I’m ALSO relatively certain that these rules don’t always apply when you’re under 5’3″, which I happen to be.

I also think that wearing tights ruins the ‘short skirt/dress’ idea completely.

This is what happens when it’s 70 degrees and rainy in the summer. Tights and my awesome pleather jacket. For being a somewhat basic mini-dress that I bought with Corrie at least 3 years ago, I think it looks pretty badass with the right accessories, don’t you agree? I especially love the silver studding on the back of the belt. That’s a nice detail to break up the monotony.

I can’t remember the name of the store, but I think it might have been called Century 21? Is that correct, Corrie? It’s right in the middle of NYC and is HUGE!!!


In other news, I’ve been experimenting with this excellent OPI shatter polish. I like that I get something like an animal print when I use it over the right colors and have some good ideas planned for next week.

I really missed having long nails. Well, longER nails. They are so much fun to paint.






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