Oh my god, I’m just so tired.

Posted on 19.07.2011


I have done nothing today. Well, nothing compared to what I wanted to do.

I only teach one class on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and my plan for today was to teach, then go to a museum, then come home and work out. After that I’d planned to do some cleaning, finish my phoenix shirt, and then go to Yoga with my friend Diana.

Instead, I went to the museum, came home, and fell asleep watching episodes of SVU on my computer. I was woken many hours later by Diana, calling me to ask where I was. I felt terrible. Obviously I missed Yoga.

I don’t know how this weather is a problem for me, because it’s just SO NOT SUMMER right now. It was seriously in the 60’s today, and will be for the entire week. How is this even making me tired? It’s really confusing.

I wonder if it’s just that I’m really not a morning person. I mean, I slept pretty badly on Sunday night (or, not enough), but I swear I made up for it by getting like 10 hours of sleep last night. So I don’t know why I was still tired today, unless I got too much sleep somehow.

I don’t know. I just know that I was like a zombie today. I made sure to get a bunch of my ‘to-do’ stuff crossed off, since it was obvious I wasn’t going to be working out tonight. I fully intend to make up for it tomorrow as well.

I’d wanted to get the Etsy site up and running today, but I just realized that I can’t really price prints until I’ve found a printer that I really like. I’m currently waiting for some test prints to come, and if they do, I can price my work according to their prices. If I don’t like their prints or think they are too expensive after all’s said and priced, then I’ll have to look somewhere else.

Quite honestly, I know that any price higher than $20 will make me cringe. But I am pretty certain I only cringe when it’s my friends we’re talking about. I think charging strangers $50-$100 per print is NOT terrible, especially since I’ve got a damn degree in art and this is pretty standard pricing. I will, however, remind my friends that if they want a print to contact me directly, so I can give them a better price.


Today René and I learned that you can’t just walk into a Best Buy and expect to buy the entire L Word complete series, because they only sell it on the website. LAMES!! I love my boyfriend for trying to pick it up for me. It appears we’ll be ordering it from the internet instead.

I should really take a shower tonight. But I’m completely unmotivated to do that. Maybe I’ll plan to do that in the morning instead. Ugh. Wake up!!!

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