I entered an art contest.

Posted on 15.07.2011


Not something I should ever do, but I’ve been feeling kind of unstoppable lately and thought I should ride that. Maybe it was a waste of an entry fee, but maybe not. The winner will win a solo show in both NYC and Taipei and a lot of other great stuff.

There’s a public choice award and a judges award. I’d love to win either, but I have no expectations.

I have so much work that I wasn’t sure what I should submit. So I asked a few friends to help me, given a choice of my top 40. I got some amazing feedback. It was really helpful, even if I ended up only going with a few of the crowd favorites.

This photo of Steph was a favorite, with my favorite criticism coming from Steph herself: ‘if you play with the curves in mine a little this might pop more’. And, even though I’d done that once before when I initially worked on the image, I took her advice and went back in. It came out a LOT better, I think, than the original. It DOES pop a lot more, so I’m glad she mentioned that!


I chose this one because it embodies two things that I’ve been trying to do with my work lately: to get MUCH closer, and to really abstract an item into a landscape. This is actually a part of Claes and Coosje’s Spitzhacke in Kassel, that I saw in Feb with René. I was really excited when I took this photo, it’s a recent favorite of mine.

Rick’s thoughts on this piece helped a lot, too: ‘I love the bright red contrasts against the black and blue/grey in this landscape.  The textures are quite nice, especially the scratches on the top.   I like the fact that you’ve successfully broken the landscape rule of never dividing the picture in two with the horizon.  You were able to do that because, the distance blurring occurs at the top, creating a very interesting ambiguity.’


Another group favorite, this was shot in Rome last year. It was our last day, we were killing time in the city and waiting for a friend to drive from Wü to get us, since that Icelandic volcano eruption had made air travel a no-go.

I initially posted this image in color, but a few people had suggested that I submit at least one B+W image. As I was going over the image in Photoshop, I decided to try it in B+W and decided it was better that way. I’m really in love with reflections as many of my friends know, and I love the simplicity of this shot. I was so lucky it rained that day, I got some great shots right off the street.

I also really love the texture of the cobblestone in this image. I think it adds a lot to the composition, it’s practically a frame around the lamp-post.

And I just love black and white, period.


This photo was my own personal choice, and it might seem like the odd man out… but it’s actually, in my mind, the closest to what I’m trying to achieve in my photography.

What I’ve been working towards is total abstraction, whether that be through focus, or shot angle, or whathaveyou. I love this piece because of the layers and the texture, but also because of the interaction of colors. It’s kind of chaotic. And that’s wonderful.


So. To business.

You can see these and vote for me (please) here (http://gcincinnati.see.me/opencall2011)

Apparently we can vote once a day. If you’ve got that kind of dedication, I’d be forever grateful. And if I win, then I’ll also be writing long speeches about how wonderful my friends are. From Tapei and NYC!!!

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