While I’m on a roll with the clothing: good outfits from the past weeks

Posted on 10.07.2011


I’ve been slightly bad about taking photos of when things work, but I’ve also been half-assing the ‘trying new combos’ as well. So these photos are from the past two weeks, as I’ve been rummaging through my drawers and trying on things for summer! Kristi and I have this idea that while we’re in Cali next month, we’re going to ultimately live in our bathing suits just under dresses, and if it gets cold (as San Fran tends to do in August) we can just throw on jeans.

I learned my lesson ten years ago, though, and will definitely be bringing more than just my flip-flops this time.

I’ve had this skirt forever. You know what I love about skirts and dresses? If you gain weight, they hide it for you. And when you lose weight, you can still wear them. I’ve had this skirt through all of my weights, and it always works.

This summer is the first time I’ve tucked a shirt into it, though, and that was definitely a good idea.

Skirt: NY&Co (2006)
Top: H+M (2009)
Belt: Ann Taylor LOFT (2010)

This outfit was such a no-brainer. I have a few other tops that I can do this with, but I wanted to add a pattern with the skirt and the belt was just begging to be used over the fold-down waist. Overall, I’d say this was pretty successful, and I love that it was so so so easy. Perfect for summer. It looks put-together enough to not be considered ‘lazy’, which is exactly what it is:)

Corrie mentioned something in one of her recent posts about getting all girly whenever Jim is behind the camera, and I have to say, I agree with her. I get all self-conscious when René is taking the photos rather than the tripod, like I haven’t spent the last 10 years of my life being an art model. It’s good to be in love ❤

 This photo is FINALLY my homage to Japan. I was at a store a while back that carried this pair of tights, which are originally a little over $30. The last time I went they’d been knocked down to about $15, and I jumped on them. I’d been eyeing them since coming back from Japan, where the ladies wear awesome tights under everything as a fashion extra, not because they are cold.

This is different from the Germans, who seem to just want to pair black leggings with everything.

I have to say, this pair of tights is majorly sexy when you’re romping around the house in just a bra and these over black panties, but that’s neither here nor there, just the fetish side of what I used to do coming out:)

The outfit was a little boring on this grey day, so I tied one of my Coach neck-kerchiefs to the belt loop for a splash of color. I think it worked. This outfit was originally worn with heels, but by the time I took the photo my feet were hurting, so you get flats instead 🙂 Not terrible, but I think the heels were better.


Remember what I was saying a few weeks ago about there being nothing better in the world than a great dress? This qualifies. This dress is seriously just a large T-shirt, with a string tie waist, and it was on sale for 5-Euros when I got it. I’m not usually one to wear such colors, but I think I pull it off well:) It goes nicely against my olive skin:)

The tie-waist belt was OK, but I wanted to add something to the outfit, so I used my own black belt to break up the appearance a bit. I paired it with a light blue stone necklace, that I think goes really nicely against the olive/pea green color of the dress.

This dress comes from H+M, and is on the ‘allowed to buy list’, as long as you don’t buy the patterned option, which I’ve seen no less that five times on the street in the past week.





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