Signe Vilstrup also has an awesome portfolio

Posted on 10.07.2011


Another Juxtapoz Erotica find, I can’t even remember what images I saw of Signe’s that drew me to the website. All I can say is this: There is SO much work on the website, that I haven’t even gotten through it yet.

No matter, though, because I’ve seen enough to know that the work is great.

Granted, this is what your work looks like when you have access to all the best equipment, as a lot of these are editorial or fashion sets for magazines, but that doesn’t take away from the vision that is quite unique.

Here’s a link to the Artist Site:

I love the above image so much. I love the tone, the angle, and the composition. It also goes along with what I just mentioned in another post, about how awesome a great pair of hose looks when you’re running around the house wearing nothing else:)

Apparently, Signe is based in Denmark. This makes me happy, because it means that maybe one day I can go and see a studio while I’m up there visiting friends.

Signe was born in 1977, which also makes me happy, because it means we’re very close in age. I love so much of the work on the site, I look forward to getting to take the time going through it and looking at EVERY. SINGLE. IMAGE.

You know I’ll do it, because it’s me and that’s what I do!

One of the things I noticed about the work is that it’s varied. There’s definitely a ‘look’, but the artist doesn’t always stick to the same composition, coloring or style. One of my favorite images is the one below, in which it’s more of a layout with some film along with the image, rather than just the image. It reminds me a lot of the things I want to try in my own work, and reminds me that I’d love to have some darkroom space. It also reminds me that I need to spend my off time this week checking out the local art museums, to see if there is anything worth a shit to see in this town.

Simply gorgeous. I can’t get enough of this artist. New favorite!! I hope I can sign up for a mail list!

Enjoy ❤


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