Trying to survive and playing the ‘tourist card’.

Posted on 06.07.2011


I didn’t use to consider 76 degree weather warm. In fact, as a teenager, I absolutely REFUSED to go swimming in my own pool unless the water was at least 75 degrees. Um, spoiled much?

But the new, MS-having me DOES consider 76 degrees (26 Celcius) too hot. It’s the borderline between trying to brave it out on the couch with all of the shades down, and going to the pool.

On top of this ungodly heat (seriously, how did I ever even survive in Baltimore? I remember being miserable, but I think the amount of AC in the buildings might have saved me), I’ve got something like a head cold. Which is just making me a baby. On René’s last night before leaving, I was lying on the couch with a roll of toilet paper (better than 5 packs of tissues) and begging for juice, barely able to keep my eyes open. I don’t get sick very often, but when I do… I don’t know how I survive.

I’m currently trying to recover from having been outside walking for two hours after my class, on the couch with some cherries, meds and lots of water and juice. And maybe I’ll get my ass to the pool a bit later, if I can peel myself off the couch. I am so worn out. Just, wow.

So Monday (or yesterday, I can’t remember), I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I channelled Beatrix Kiddo and played a tourist in a city I am totally familiar with.

I was walking down the street. On the smaller marketplace, there were a bunch of people from some organization who were approaching passersby and trying to engage them in conversation, with the end goal of getting a monthly donation for their org from them.

I was feeling ill, tired, and for some reason the guy that approached me didn’t realize that. It was easier to pretend to stumble over my German and explain that I was a tourist, than it would have been to say (in German) that my boyfriend and I don’t donate to organizations like that, and no I’m not interested. It would have been, honestly, too much German for my sick little head. So instead I pretended to be here visiting my boyfriend.

Would you believe I got stopped twice? Once on my way to the bigger marketplace, and once on my way back to the bus. I was like, seriously? I guess that’s what I get for lying.

I was thinking, though, that I bet this works just fine in the US as well, if you can speak another language or fake an accent… The second guy said to me ‘well I guess you don’t have a German back account, so you couldn’t sign up for this anyway’. I bet that’s the case in the US or any other country, as well.


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