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Posted on 06.07.2011


Not actually, but my old Neurologist in Baltimore wrote a pretty fascinating article that recounts my somewhat unique treatment of a somewhat normal MS-related symptom/side effect.

I’m one of a decent population with the disease that sometimes experiences Restless Legs Syndrome instead of having a full-on relapse (which I also have, more often). It’s happened twice so far, although not recently. The first time, it passed before it could be treated. The second time, my Neuro treated it as a relapse (or exacerbation, as they say) and gave me my usual treatment of IV steroids for three days. It worked really well, although he wasn’t sure if it would, since the steroids shouldn’t really have any strength against normal RLS cases that are not related to MS.

He wrote about it in an article, as it is a new idea for treatment of this specific symptom, and it’s been published online.

If you’re down with reading all that medical jive-talk, you can read it here, where it’s posted free to the public.

Now I’ve been personally published, and biographically. #winning. Totally awesome, as I’m still kind of out of it today.

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