Being Green today: in the shower

Posted on 06.07.2011


Today’s post is part two of three concerning being greener in the shower. The major goal is always to reduce, reuse and recycle… this one falls under ‘reduce’.

I used to have kind of an issue, which I touched on in my last post: I always preferred to be warm in the shower, or in water, in general. This meant that during the winter especially, I had the water temperature up really high and would let the water run the entire time.

As I’ve gotten older and started to understand why it’s important to conserve water, it’s become a no-brainer to do what I do nowadays.

There is no reason we should use as much water as we normally do. And although this doesn’t apply ONLY to the shower, I’m using the shower as an example here. Instead of leaving the shower head running during the entire shower, turn it off when you’re not using it to rinse off.

The water doesn’t need to run while we lather or condition our hair, wash our bodies or shave. It just doesn’t. If you’re like me, you stand away from the water to shave and wash, and then step in. Instead of all of that, just turn the water off.

This also applies to brushing our teeth and washing our faces… in the time that you are actively brushing or scrubbing, there’s no need for the water to run. It’s just being wasted and going right back to a water treatment plant in order to be reused.

So. Be nice to the environment, save the water for others or for later, and keep doing your part:)

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