Interesting tattoo idea

Posted on 26.06.2011


I bet you think I’m going to write about that crafty Amanda Wachob, don’t you? Well, you’re right, but I’m not writing to write about those tattoos that everyone on the interwebs is all up in arms over. Nope, I’m more interested in these:

screen shot from Amanda Wachob's site

I think this is a pretty badass, not-totally-permanent idea. It’s almost like a trial tattoo. From her site: “A tattoo executed with distilled water instead of ink is called a ‘bloodline’. The lack of pigment renders the marking impermanent.” 

I rather like the sound of that. Just cutting the skin and letting it heal like a normal tattoo would, just minus the color. I mean, I am ALL FOR real tattoos, and I will be the first to admit that I think her paint splatter tattoos are pretty awesome (although, in all honesty, I’d prefer to make my OWN paint splotch design and have it tattooed on than have one made for me by someone else), but I really dig this. It might have something to do with my love of ‘secret tattoos’, white ink and my own hidden tattoo that looks like a scar or a brand.

I like the way it looks, I like that it’s a symbol that can change and be literally absorbed into your body as your skin regenerates. I don’t really think I would get one, because I am serious enough about my tattoos to choose wisely, but I really like the idea of them.

Check out her work here:

As far as her ‘normal’ tattoos are concerned, I’m not really a fan. But the paint splotches and these are pretty awesome.

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