@Brooklynbliss: last week’s new ensembles

Posted on 19.06.2011


Last week was a week of trial and error. I knew that I wanted to try new things, but wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do. All I knew was that on Wednesday, I wanted to wear a dress:

I have mixed feelings about this dress. I bought it from H+M in 2009 while I was in Germany visiting René for the first time. I was majorly relapsing, majorly overweight, and I knew that a patterned dress would hide many of my issues. So we were at the store looking around and René pulled it out. It wasn’t a pattern I’d ever considered, but I liked the cut of the dress (empire, with an adjustable tie below the chest) more than the corresponding top they were offering. So I gave it a try.

Two years later, it’s slightly big on me and doesn’t get a ton of wear. The pattern on its own is, to me, a bit too much, and I woke up on Wednesday with the idea in my head of throwing on one of my favorite way-too-expensive purchases over it: the grey cover-up top from Baltimore, also 2009.

Together with my high black belt (NY+Co, 2009) and my awesome black shoes, I’d say this was a major success. I really love how flattering it is on me, and how the grey top neutralizes the totally strong print below it. There isn’t any grey IN the dress’s print, but it was a good combination IMO.

Thursday, I opted for my blue shorts, because I wanted to rock my grey vest (S. Oliver) and thought it would go with them. How right I was! I added the striped shirt (also H+M, 2008) for an interesting juxtaposition of the prints.

I picked up the grey vest with my suit pants last year as a set, because I really dislike suit blazers when they match (unless it’s all just black or navy). This set is a grey colored mini-herringbone print, which is better for me than pinstripe.

I paired the outfit with my blue platforms/espadrilles (Ann Taylor LOFT, 2006) and a lighter blue necklace for some more contrast within the blues. I think my bag looks awesome with all of this.

I took this photo in an elevator at the place I was teaching about 6 seconds before one of my students walked in on his way to our class. The extra laptop bag you see is my school books bag (perfect for carrying all of it, but bad on my back when it’s full) and I had tea because at this point it was about 7:15 in the morning!

p.s., I really love these shorts. My only issue is that they are nearly 100% cotton, so they stretch out a lot after one wear and I’ve got to either wash them again or toss them back in the dryer and then iron them before I can wear them again. Sigh.

On Friday I was tired. And I had this idea for this outfit in my head, but I’m wondering now if the top would have been better with the blue shorts, or maybe a lighter pair of shorts. One thing is certain, these black formal shorts weren’t the BEST thing I could have put with the top (which looks great over skinny jeans, btw), but they also weren’t as bad as a mini skirt would have been.

I was feeling the need to rock a top that was cool enough for the weather, and this one is a light rayon-satin blend, so it did the trick. I wanted to wear it with my shorts, but after I put them on, I realized that this was a bit too dark for summery weather on its own. That’s why there’s a fuchsia scarf involved, and I think it works.

I paired it with flats because my feet needed a break after 2 days of heels!

I need to find more tops like this one. I really love this print, the cut is ok… I’m in the mood for some Japanese Chiyogami paper-inspired prints… I doubt I’ll find any this season, but I’m going to keep a lookout for them.

There’s this awesome company called Desigual who makes really badass clothes. I first considered them in Gent while there shopping with Kristi, although I’ve seen them before. Apparently, they are based out of Spain, and this might account for the badass pattern pairings that is their signature style. Either way, I’ve decided that shops that carry Desigual might be my best bet in the patterns department. There’s only one store I’ve seen so far in Wü that carries them. But I know they are in every major German city. If you are near one in the US, definitely check them out:)

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