Ipad 2 FAIL

Posted on 16.06.2011


I might have mentioned this earlier, but we got an iPad. Not because we needed it, but because it was free. It was either an iPad or an iPhone 5 for me (as well as René), but I’m not too interested in having a 5 because I don’t necessarily need my smart phone to do anything more than tell me when I’ve got to be at my next class, help me pass time between classes and let me check my emails for work. And the music storage thing is nice, too. So when he gets the 5, I get his 4, and that’s not a raw deal since I’d ultimately NOT even have an iPhone if I was living in the US, as I’d still be a T-mobile customer.

Anyhoodle, we’ve got this iPad. René’s all excited about it, and I guess I am kind of marginally excited about it, even though, to be quite honest, it is a mostly useless piece of tech for me. I’ve got a laptop. It’s not too heavy. I like having all of the options afforded by said laptop. You kow, like a keyboard and a CD/DVD reader (this is also why I find the macbook air to be a waste. I’ve got to be able to burn DVDs). The iPad, to me, is just a lighter laptop without a keyboard. I’m not much of a TV watcher, or video seeker, so the bigger screen (as compared to the iPhone) is kind of lost on me. So is the idea that it could be better than my iPhone or laptop for reading ebooks on. Yes, it could be better, but I carry my phone around all the time, and that is fine for reading on as well. I already carry enough shit with me, I don’t need to add the iPad to that arsenal.

It’s a convenience, that’s all. The only thing I find remotely cool about it is the idea that we could keep it in the car or take it with us for mapping. The car part’s not too interesting to me, either, since we’ve got internal (and good) nav in the car already. But for new cities it could be nice for touring…

So I found something to be excited about, and that was that I could subscribe to magazines that I can’t find over here. I am talking specifically about Women’s Health Magazine. This is an entire blog post on its own, but apparently the ladies of Germany are not interested enough in fitness (or a magazine about it) for WH to be translated or published over here. Men’s Health is published, go fig. I’d heard that one can subscribe to a few magazines already on the iPad, and I thought that was great, since WH won’t ship me the mag overseas unless I live at an APO address. Lame sauce!

So, imagine my surprise when it turns out that, yes, I CAN get the WH iPad app, but ONLY if I have an American IP address/the iPad is set to US standards. Foiled again.

I don’t think this is a terrible thing, since even WH is chock-full of ads for cool shit that just makes me want to shop more. I’ve got the shopping down to a healthy minimum, so I think it’s probably ok that I can’t read the magazine anyways.

In OTHER iPad related fails:

We were in Gent over the weekend and I noticed a group of people standing around, staging a small protest, or something like it. Either way, there were about 20 people doing this one thing, and there in front of them was some asshole (decidedly WITH them and not just a passerby) taking their fucking photo with an iPad.

Look. I am ALL kinds of down for new technology. I really am. But I guarantee that if that person was taking photos with an iPad that SOMEONE with them probably paid for that. Those things are not cheap. Said person MUST also have at the very least a decent digital camera. And seriously… why would you carry around the iPad for touring a new country (they were totally tourists) when you could carry a much more portable digital camera? These are the types of people who get robbed in Bolton Hill late at night. Seriously. Gent’s not unsafe, but that’s ridiculous. YES! The iPad has a camera! That doesn’t mean you should substitute the camera you actually own to carry around this much-more expensive piece of technology.

I can think outside of this and guess that maybe they were using the map function as well. Maybe they weren’t JUST carrying it around as a camera. But even still, is it so hard to carry around a paper map, that is not so heavy or hard to stash?

Like I said: I’m all for new technology. Bring it on, I think it’s great. But I also think consumers are idiots.

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