German women dressing seasonally inappropriate

Posted on 16.06.2011


I’m ranting today. I really can’t wait for the week to be over. I need sleep!!!

I really, really can’t wrap my head around German ladies sometimes. Maybe it’s just Bavaria and the rest of the country is totally normal. I doubt it, but I’ll give Hamburg the benefit of the doubt.

I want to talk about summer today. Granted, so far we haven’t had the blazing, in-yo-face spring that I’m used to from Baltimore, but shit has gotten hot. Not often, but it is, without a doubt, almost summer and it’s definitely warm. I’ve factored in my issues with the heat. I know I have a higher threshold for cold weather than most and get warmer faster, but still. It’s not right:

I have seen no less than 20 chicks this week rocking tights or leggings under their shorts or skirts. That on its own would just classify as a faux-pas, but when it’s paired with a thicker sweater, hoodie, or anything with long sleeves on an 80 degree + day, I get concerned.

What is up with that?

It would be one thing if the tights were colorful and fun and went along with their outfits (ahem: Japan ftw)… but these are the norm: basic black leggings or nude-colored pantyhose. Assuming that, yes, we are in the dirty, conservative south, I get the nude hose things. Women apparently hate to have bare legs around here. But who in their right mind dresses to sweat each morning?

All of this makes me think of that episode from CSI: Miami when a female body was re-dressed after dying and she was wearing pantyhose, and they knew an out-of-towner must have been responsible because chicks in Miami don’t wear pantyhose. Ever.  DO NOT WANT TEH SWEATS!!!

It was dismissable earlier in the season when the mornings were still cool. Maybe these women weren’t checking the weather reports and it was cold enough to put that stuff on in the mornings. Fair enough. But NOW? When it’s topping out in the high 80’s to mid 90’s, it’s really, really confusing. I sweat just looking at them.

And in the meantime, I’m busy showing shiny leg, and getting weird looks. Meh. I don’t think I’ll ever fit in. I prefer not to sweat too much in my clothing if I can help it. How the hell are these people cold enough to wear these things?