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Posted on 14.06.2011


As an homage to Corrie for her recent (and hopefully triumphant) return to fashion blogging after a short hiatus (seriously, I thought that my blog subscriptions tool wasn’t working and kept checking your page!), I’m posting a few clothing shots I took a little over 10 days ago. They’re not amazing, but this is for solidarity more than anything;)
I came to a conclusion after my Japan trip in regards to fashion. A few of them, actually. I decided that there are certain things that I require, things that would make my wardrobe a whole hell of a lot cooler. Things that I can get for cheap without having to try too hard.

Those things include: thinner, patterned tights to rock on the colder spring, summer and fall days with skirts or formal shorts, chiyogami-inspired prints (of which I’ve already got a few pieces, I just failed to notice this), and varying lengths of shorts.

The shorts were the easiest thing to find, it being summer and all. The tights haven’t been such a successful search, as I am still working out the tops that would go with my awesome tights and shorts. The tops and prints in general can only come in time, I don’t need to find them all in one season and look forward to getting excited about things.

I picked these up at K&L, where I’ve managed to find a lot of awesome things for dirt cheap. I think I saw a super similar pair at H+M, but they were more expensive (haha #winning) and not quite so flattering as these are.

I’m always searching for flattering, but more so lately, as I’ll discuss below. The top is from H+M, I saw it while shopping with a girlfriend and it’s in one of my favorite colors, light sea-foam green. Not surprisingly, it matches just about everything in my wardrobe and actually looks pretty badass with the navy shorts (I refuse to wear red with navy lately, it is still too overdone), as does the identical one that I have in fuchsia that I picked up last year when I allowed the color back into my life.

Know what? Nothing, not anything, tops a good dress. I also scored this from K&L (on the same shopping trip when the shorts above were purchased) and it’s made by the same company (Livre) that made my other kickass 10-Euro dress. It’s actually a similar style, just a different fabric, color, belt and it’s got a fuller bottom with a faux wrap. I likes.

I love dresses. I love dress season, I love collecting great dresses and trying them with different accessories. And one of the reasons I love dresses so much is that they hide excess weight lately.

I’ve gained a few pounds over the past season. I’ve got no one to blame for it but myself, I really fell off the horse and allowed myself to succumb to all sorts of bad mouth-hungries. With that in mind, I’m sticking to my dresses and skirts lately because they are the ultimate weight hiders for me, since all of my gained weight likes to hide in my midsection and hips. That’s pretty hard to see when you’ve got a banging dress like this one on!

So prepare thyselves… I may or may not be posting more images as I find new combinations that work with the weight as I try to get back into a regular workout routine. I’m sure now that there’s not so much to do (in the way of vacation, plans and anything that is NOT work-related) it’ll be easy to fall back into my normal schedule. Until then… lots of skirts and awesome outfits!

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