Things to see next time I’m in Japan

Posted on 13.06.2011


I’ll definitely get to writing about how awesome Krist’s visit was after this, but I was catching up on my news and came across this blog post from Tokyobling about this amazing five-panel painting with an interesting past, and I had to share it.

LINK: The Myth of Tomorrow

this photo found using google image search. I did not take this photo!

This painting is gorgeous, and HUGE!!!

Some information on the painting from Tokyobling’s post: Okamoto painted this five panel mural (30m x 5.5m) in Mexico City in 1969 as a commision from a hotel entrepeneur. The hotel had financial trouble from the start and the painting went missing. The missing artwork lay exposed in a construction materials yard until 2003 (sources vary on the year) when it was found by the late Okamoto’s wife.

The painting depicts the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and shows the affected peoples’s will and spirit of survival. Acrylic paint on asbestos panels (and one part on concrete, hence the amazing weight).

It is widely considered to be his second most accomplished work, or possibly as accomplished as the Osaka monument Taiyonoto.

I love it. It’s like the Japanese Guernica. I really hope to be able to see this the next time I’m in Japan, as it’s located in Shibuya’s Mark City just between the JR and the Inoskashira line’s Shibuya Station. That won’t be so hard to miss! I will definitely be jumping for this one.

Thanks for the awesome post, Tokyobling!!!

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